May 31, 2010

Ball Python updates-2010 babies

Here is an updated list of what I have hatched out and for sale now. They have not shed or eaten yet. I do not mind holding them and making sure they have eaten a few times prior to shipping if you feel better with that. Just let me know.

male pastels

male and female spiders

male and female bumble bees

female orange ghost

male pastel het orange ghost

male orange ghost pastels

female lemon blast
male and female het albinos
male and female normals
more great stuff hatching in about a week! E

May 29, 2010

Baby Ball Pythons are hatching!

Hatched out so far: normals, pastels, pinstripes, spiders, het albinos, het hypos, pastel het hypos, hypos, hypo pastels, bumble bees, lemon blasts and more hatching soon!

May 16, 2010

A couple really neat new arrivals!

7' female albino radiated ratsnake, tame. awesome! $200

700 gram yellow belly spider female ball python, gorgeous! $1000

May 13, 2010

Baby Gargoyle Geckos just hatching! and ball python update

I have never tried to breed or produce gargoyle geckos before but I had some adults here from a collection that I bought and I just spoiled them and sure enough they laid eggs and at a reptile show in the deli cup to boot! So I brought the eggs home and now months later they are hatching! I love when I hatch out new stuff that I have never done before. Awesome!

Ball pythons update: I have pastels, lemon blasts, pinstripes, het albinos and a couple other things in my first few clutches that are just starting to hatch now. Due very soon to hatch: spiders, bumble bees and much more.

May 9, 2010

Eggs are starting to hatch...finally!

It is so hard for me to wait for eggs to start hatching each year. It is tough, you have projects that you have put so much work into for years and you want to know so badly if you got what you were trying to produce or not and sometimes you have a shot at producing an all new genetic morph and that is just a killer wait.

Well this season is just barely starting this week with baby giant leopard geckos being born and my first few pastel jungle ball pythons getting ready to leave their eggs in a few days. Once the first clutch of ball pythons hatch I should have clutches hatching about every couple-few days for months. It is amazing. I am having a really great year and am off to such a strong start with so many eggs there is a lot to look forward to this year. E