May 29, 2012

Wednesday Bearded Dragons and Leopard Geckos inbound

I have some super nice leopard geckos and bearded dragons due in Wednesday, May 29th, they are all sub adults. The dragons are females, leather backs and hypo leather backs. The leopards are a variety, will know specifics when they get here. E

May 27, 2012

New stuff just in

New stuff in from Madagascar: pictus geckos, lined day geckos, velvet geckos and spinny tail iguanas. Also wild caught common pink toe tarantulas and captive bred antilles pink toes (versicolors).

May 9, 2012

this big, beautiful ghost girl has been with me for over 12 years now and she is still a super cool girl and a great producer for me. 9 BIG eggs. these babies will hatch out huge at close to 100 grams each! E

May 5, 2012

Available now:

adult pair of albino cornsnakes-female laid eggs and has been fattened up since, they are ready to go she is a creamsicle $125 pair

orange and yellow saharan uromastyx from $40-125ea

the last baby savanah monitors of the season! awesome! $20ea

HUGE garden phase amazon tree boa females-almost jet black, had babies a few weeks ago, eating weel, big and fat. $50ea

May 4, 2012

working hard to make super granite hypos and super pastel, super granite hypos!

insanely gravid 7 lb orange ghost/hypo girl
what will we get from killer bee yellow belly x mojave?

May 1, 2012

pinstripe het pied x spider yellow belly het pied