January 29, 2013

New stuff just in

2012 pair of chinese king ratsnakes $175 pair
baby mexican black kings solid black $45ea
2012 pair of mosaic florida kings $125pair
baby goins or blotched kingsnakes $45ea

baby rose hair tarantulas $2 each!

January 22, 2013

New stuff available now

2012 ball pythons pictures below list

male hypo pastel aka POG or pastel orange ghost 300 grams $400
female hypo or orange ghost spider 200 grams $500
male pastel yellow belly 66% possibly het orange ghost $400
female killer bee 200 grams HOT $600
male pinstripe 200 grams $150
male pinstripe yellow belly 200 grams HOT $400
male Ivory 400-500 grams GORGEOUS $550
male pinstripe 100 grams $100
male mojave spider 200 grams $650

other stuff

male and female 6 month old biak green tree pythons, caprtive bred, eating great, beautiful neon green and yellow $300ea

sub adult female jungle carpet python, about 4' eats great, super mellow and docile, jet black and neon yellow! $250

large adult female tangerine enigma leopard gecko $100

captive bred baby rose hair tarantulas $3ea

 pastel orange ghost
 yellow belly pastel pos het hypo
 orange ghost spider
 killer bee
yellow belly pinstripe

January 13, 2013

New stuff just in

baby salmon pink bird eaters $8ea
hot colored red baby gargoyle geckos $100ea
sub adult indian ornamental approx 4" unsexed $50, 2 available
sub adult ghost ornamental approx 4" unsexed $40
sub adult mysore ornamental approx 4" unsexed $50
sub adult tiger wesselli ornamental approx 4" unsexed $65
giant asian/Indian ratsnakes (pytus mucosus) 5-6' can get 10-12'! $75ea
   They are all on hold pending sales

January 5, 2013

New stuff in today

great stuff just in!

big eyed frogs
lined day geckos
ornate plated lizards
fish scaled geckos
giant velvet geckos
tri colored burrowing scorpions

pink toe tarantulas
starburst baboon spiders

January 3, 2013

New Ball Python Availability with weights taken today

this is the most current up to date list of what I have for sale, the prices and info here are now current and supercede all older info.

2011 animals
yellow belly bumble bee female 742 grams $2500
super clean spinner blast male 635 grams $1500
Super pastel black pastel spider female 746 grams $6000
super pastel black pastel pinstripe female 591 grams $5000
normal females 3 available 800 grams $75ea

2012 animals
yellow belly bumble bee male 476 grams $900
super pastel yellow belly butter female 187 grams $3500
lemon blast female 142 grams $350
lemon blast female 146 grams $350
lemon blast female 141 grams $350
cinnamon genetic stripe male 202 grams $600
spider cinnamon male het g stripe 383 grams $1000
super emperor pinstripe male 121 grams $5000 maybe a yb
male lemon blast 320 grams $300
male lemon blast 319 grams $300
male lemon blast 257 grams $250
super pastel female hatchling $250
killer bee yellow belly male hatchling $1500
pewter genetic stripe male hatchling $1200