May 30, 2011

Spider ball pythons hatching now

I have some spider balls hatching out today

May 28, 2011

Ball Python clutch #2 turned out BIG!

clutch 2 gave me: a killer bee, a pair of yellow belly killer bees, a super pastel yellow belly a striped spider and a pastel.

Awesome Frogs just in from West Africa!

Neat African frogs from Ghana, reticulated, stary night, lime "jello", striped walking frogs and other varieties of awesome frogs available now. pics: light green with no markings-jello frogs $10ea black with yellow pattern-reticulated-$15ea tons of tiny yellow spots-stary night-$12ea not pictured-brown striped walking frogs $8ea

May 27, 2011

Nice hit in clutch #2!

Clutch 2 of 2011 and I did not have to wait very long to get this awesome kid! Yellow Belly Killer Bee! If you look closely you can see that all the "black" or dark pigment is really pruplish brown like color. Wait until it sheds! I am really excited to see what is next.

May 25, 2011

Emerald, Amazon Tree Boas & Surinam Redtails

gorgeous 3' red orange & yellow amazon tree boa-eats great $150, male
awesome yellow amazon tree boa male, eats great $100

female surinam redtail boa-eats great-gorgeous $200

female surinam redtail boa-eats great-gorgeous $200

awesome long term captive emerald tree boa-eats rats very well! docile $250

May 23, 2011

Just hatched!

Just hatched, on the top yellow belly bumble bee, on the bottom bumble bee. Note the top sibling is a lighter color and has no dark flecking or smudging in the yellow like its sibling below. The difference becomes more dramatic after they shed. Also in this clutch, super pastel yellow belly, pastel yellow belly, pastel and something else that will not come out of its egg.

May 15, 2011

New animals and ball python season updates

Hey guys, sorry I have not been keeping up very well. Very busy time of year compounded with me being sick for what seems like the past year and that does it. The ball python season is going really well. I have a nice full incubator of ball eggs that may contain all kinds of cool stuff. The first clutches should start hatching in about 10 days or so.

New stuff available now: awesome baby nile and savanah monitors, barking tree frogs in stock now, RED amazon tree boas around 3' back in and baby surinam and colombian boas eating great and ready to go!

Coming very soon are this years baby super dwarf retics, 100% pure and full grown at 4-5'! along with some awesome baby normal and hypo dwarf nicaraguan boas which are also full grown at 4-5'!

I will be posting what hatches as the balls start coming out of the eggs. E

May 5, 2011

Awesome artist concept sketches for movies and television! Check these original pieces of art out

These are cards that have original artwork on them, concept art for movies and tv shows. very very neat collectible.
From Shrek The Third, Art by Lee Kohse $35

from Indiana Jones this is an original 1/1 sketch card $75

from Heroes, art by Juan Carlos Ramos, it is 1/1 original art. $75

awesome green arrow from Justice League art by Al Bigley $75

beautiful Green Lantern by Warren Martineck $100

from Hellboy this is by Rich Hoslowski $35

from Hellboy this is by Matt Wendt $50

from Hellboy this is by Renae De Liz $50

from Aliens vs Predators this is by Rich A. Molinelli $50

from Aliens vs Predators this is by Tone Rodriguez $50

from Aliens vs Predators this is by Chris Moreno $50

A Piece of Your Favorite Celebrity's Costume!

These are all authentic pieces of costumes worn by celebrities in movies and tv shows, they are all authenticated by the companies they are produced by. Great collectibles.

James Marsters from Smallville, best known as Spike from Buffy and Angel $10

Tom Welling as Clark Kent from Smallville $10

Tom Welling as Clark Kent from Smallville $10

John Schneider as Jonathan Kent from Smallville $10

John Schneider as Jonathan Kent from Smallville $10

Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen & The Green Arrow from Smallville $10

Kristen Kreuk as Lana Lang on Smallville $10

Tom Wopat as Jack Jennings from Smallville $10

Natalia Cena as Nymphadora Conks in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince $10

this is a prop material card from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince $10

Nicole Kidman from the Golden Compass $10

Brendan Fraser from Journey To The Center Of The Earth. $10

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow from Alias $10

Awesome Celebrity Autographs!

These are all authentic celebrity autographs from the top companies in the card business, authenticated on the cards, pictured here are exact items available.

Terry O'Quinn auto from Alias, best known as John Locke from Lost $15

James Avery from Charmed, best known as Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince $15

Vivica A. Fox from Alias, best known for Independence Day and Kill Bill $15

Sean Astin from the Goonies, Rudy and of course Lord Of The Rings $10

Barry Williams best known as Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch $10

Katey Sagal from lost, best Known as Peggy Bundy from Married With Children $15

Julie Bowen from Lost, currently starring in Modern Family $20

Anthony Anderson from Veronica Mars, currently starring on Law & Order $15

Brendan Fraser from the Mummy $35

Skeet Ulrich from Jericho, best known for Scream $20

Erik Estrada from Family Guy, best know as Ponch from CHIPS $35

Tori Spelling from Smallville $25

Oded Fehr from the Mummy and Resident Evil $25

Audrina Patridge $10

Anthony Michael Hall from the Dead Zone, Best known for the Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Weird Science $25

Bruce Campbell from Xena and Hercules, best known for the Evil Dead movies, curently on Burn Notice $25

Michael Boatman best known for Spin City, Law & Order SVU and Scrubs. $25