November 2, 2011

Available Ball Pythons updated 12/11/2011

this is the most up to date list and pricing, it makes all other prior postings irrelevant. These are the most up to date size, prices and availability. Shipping is additional.


genetic stripe male $400 awesome!
male pinstripes $150ea
male spinners $400ea
female butters $300ea very well started!
male fire (300+ grams) $150
yellow bellies $50ea males
albino males $300ea
spider males $125ea
female orange ghost 300 grams $400
male spinner blast 250+ grams $1500
male and female orange ghost 100% het for caramel $500 male, $900 female
female desert enchi $2000!
female super pastel, spider, black pastel $3500
female super pastel, pinstripe, black pastel $4000
male killer bee yellow belly $2500
male bumble bee $350
female bumble bee $450
male mojave spider pastel $2000 awesome!
female pastel butter-insane color! $600