July 19, 2010

Website updates

We just added a pile of new pics and some new pages to the ball python section of the site. It just keeps growing as I hatch out more neat babies. E

July 11, 2010

update on ball python morphs available now

male pastels $75ea

female spiders $175ea

male spiders $125ea

albino female $400ea

het albino males $50ea

pastel het hypo male $100

bumble bee male $500

bumble bee female $500

spinner female $800

striped spiders genetic reduced $300ea

male woma ball $200 huge eater

male black granite $150 huge eater

female killer bee $1100

female spinner blast $2500

male lemon blast $600

male orange ghost $175

male yellow belly bumble bee $2500

yellow belly pinstripes $1500ea

orange ghost pastel male $500

July 7, 2010

Lots of pics of crazy stuff hatching now!

WOW, what a year I am having! So far I have hatched out the following ball pythons: albino, orange ghost, pastel orange ghost, pastel, pinstripe, lemon blast, spinner, spider, bumble bee, spinner blast, yellow belly, yellow belly pinstripe, killer bee, super pastel, killer blast and more!
Just amazing how variable the ball python is. You can have so many genes in one clutch that no matter how many eggs you have every baby is a different color and pattern! Just amazing. E