December 30, 2012

Awsome new stuff in this upcoming week

Ball Pythons: (have in hand now)
   adult male normal
   adult male pinstripe-sold
   3 normal females 800 grams
    200 gram female mojave-sold
    two normal females 200-300 grams

Indonesia: available wed 1-9-13
    green tree skinks
    giant vorax geckos
    giant asian ratsnakes
    chameleon tree dragons
    6 month old biak green tree pythons
    tokay geckos
    flying geckos

December 27, 2012

Just a bunch of cool pictures of what is going on

 breeding trio of giant day geckos at lunch time
 2012 black pastel pinstripe pastel
 2012 butter spider pinstripe pastel
 2012 killer bee yellow belly
 killer bee yellow belly x super lemon blast yellow belly
 emperor pinstripe x lesser pastel
 pastel spider pinstripe x bumble bee
 2011 super pastel spider black pastel
 2012 super emperor pinstripe
 2012 spinner blast (pastel pinstripe spider)
 spinner blast x pastel
 2012 super spinner blast yellow belly
2012 super spinner blast yellow belly

December 22, 2012

More great animals for sale

8" new guineau snake neck turtle male $75
6-8" males, pink bellied side neck turtles $75ea
a large assortment of baby crested geckos $35-50ea
baby leopard geckos $20ea
large whites tree frogs $15ea
vorax geckos (aka banana gecko or halmahera gecko) males $35ea
white lined geckos $15ea
golden geckos $15ea
madagascar velvet geckos $25ea
marine toads abut 4-5" $10-15ea
3' female brazilian rainbow boa $200 bright orange
baby Indo blue tongue skinks $85ea
yearling female western hognose 66% ph albino $100
colombian rainbow boa yearling $40
6-7' male jungle carpet python-super nice $200

December 20, 2012

Payment plans are no problem

I am happy to do payment plans on ball python morphs.

Payment plans require a 25% down payment.
animals with prices from $400-900 can be a 30-60 day payment plan
animals with prices $1000 or over can go up to 90 days

available for payment plan right now:

super pastel butter female $900
black pastel pinstripe $500
pastel black pastel pinstripe $1500
super emperor pin male $5000
emperor pin female $1500
super pastel butter yellow belly $3500
cinnamon genetic stripe male $600
cinnamon spider het genetic stripe female $900
killer bee yellow belly male $1500
bumble bee yellow belly male & female $900ea
killer bee female $700
and much more!

December 11, 2012

new stuff in 12-11-12

14 month old male red bar ambilobe panther chameleon $200
year old female red bar ambilobe panther chameleon $200
    unrelated pair-take them both for $350 pair

baby blue tongue skinks, cb Indonesians $90ea

awesome crested gecko babies very nice colors $45ea

cb USA 3" ivory ornamentals $50ea

cb USA 1" red slate ornamentals $30ea

cb USA 1 1/2" mexican fire leg $35ea

cb USA 1" purple pink toes $30ea

2 1/2-3' female brazilian rainbow boa $150

NICE adult whites tree frogs $12ea

giant halmahera geckos aka vorax geckos $35ea males only

cb USA baby giant day geckos $45ea, super high red $65