August 28, 2012

More neat Ball Pythons available

I got a super nice group in on a trade

male pewter genetic stripe
male cinnamon genetic stripe
female cinnabee het genetic stripe
female pewterbee het genetic stripe

they are 2012 babies, eating well and ready to go.

I also have a very odd clutch hatching this week with some odd butter combo morphs in it. E

August 12, 2012

New updated Ball Pythons available list, some nice green tree pythons and lots of pics

first in the world-super pastel butter yellow belly!
and the worlds first ever super lemon blast butter yellow belly, both produced here at Evan Stahl Reptiles.

the absolute cleanest bumble bee yellow belly on earth!

this is the current availability and pricing for the ball pythons that I have available now. all other posts are obsolete. updated 9-4-12

1 female pastel, eating great and very pretty $100ea
male and female spinner blasts, eating great, gorgeous $1000ea
male lemon blast, super nice color, eats great $400
male pastel orange ghost, gorgeous. eats great $250
male bumble bees $300ea
female bumble bees $400ea
male Bumble Bee yellow belly-insane! best I have seen or made $1000
male or female super lemon blast, insane color $1000
super pastel yellow belly butter female $5000
super lemon blast yellow belly just hatched-insane! $5000
female killer bee yellow belly just hatched $2000

also available now: fantastic 6-9 month old green tree pythons, biak females, captive bred and raised, awesome $300ea