August 22, 2011

Updated available Ball Pythons 9-6-11

Note: the availability and pricing in this post is now the current information. All prior and previous posts are now obsolete and left just for informational purposes but will not be good for pricing and availability. Thanks. E

2011 animals Available now:

1 Yellow belly spider female $500ea
1 genetic stripe male $400
1 killer bee female $1000
1 killer bee yellow belly male $4000
1 genetic stripe female $500
1 champagne female $1800
2 Yellow belly bumble bee males $1200ea
2 Pastel het orange ghost female $200ea
1 male super pastel $300
2 male spiders $125ea
2 pastel females $100ea
2 genetic banded/reduced just hatched $100ea

will add more next week, will have more hatching in a couple weeks

adults available now:

breeder male reduced pattern pinstripe $400
proven female genetic banded reduced $200
great breeder spider yellow belly male $700
huge female het hypo $500

August 18, 2011

Just a quick note to all of my customers

Hi there, I do everything that I do by myself. I dont have any employees or helpers and I am a single guy. So please understand that this time of year I am getting a bit overloaded. I am doing my best to keep on top of email and phone calls but somebody may get missed here and there. I am very sorry if this happens. Sometimes trying to keep too many balls in the air (no pun intended) makes you drop them all. So just so you know that I am trying very hard to keep up on everything, but animal care always has to come first. Please contact me again if you do not hear back from me in a reasonable time. I apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks very much. E

August 16, 2011

Notice to customers from the St Louis reptile show

Just a notice to everyone, I will no longer be attending the show at the viking southwest hotel in st louis. I am happy to ship anything that anyone would want to them via FedEx or Delta Airlines. Thanks very much and hope to deal with you again soon. E

August 1, 2011

more pics of 2011 baby ball python morphs

these are all animals created here and are very good examples of what I have available. pics were just taken today

killer bee (super pastel spider)

Orange Ghost Pastel or hypo pastel

Yellow Belly Spider


Spinner (spider+pinstripe)

Bumble Bee (spider + pastel)

Yellow Belly Bumble Bee

genetic reduced/banded orange ghost/hypo

Yellow Belly Killer Bee

Lemon Blast (pinstripe + pastel)