October 29, 2013

Available stuff with new pics

                                         above is a male 2013 baby Chinese king ratsnake $100

                                          above is a super lemon blast female $600

                                          above are pearl Burmese pythons het for granite
                                          just one male left $400. Michigan sale only

                                          super pastel butter female $700

                                          adult male breeder pastel orange ghost $400
                                         female white albino reticulated python $200
                                          female super spinner blast $1500

                                          Mojave spider pastel yellow belly male $1500
                                            female $2000
                                          male emperor pinstripe $500

                                          male spinner blast $500

                                          male super emperor pin $2000

                                          female lavender albino reticulated $300

                                          2013 male and female pair of scaleless everglades
                                          ratsnakes $300 pair
                                          het albino adult female Chinese king rat above
                                          and below is adult male albino Chinese king rat
                                           the pair is available for $1000 firm

                                          HUGE breeder female Mojave $1000

                                          baby Japanese ratsnakes $75ea

                                           gorgeous 7" red foot tortoises $125ea

October 21, 2013

New Animals for sale

new stuff:

baby albino lavender reticulated python male $250
baby albino lavender reticulated python female $300
baby white albino reticulated python female $200
6-7' male lavender albino reticulated python $350
5 year old pair of brown Burmese mountain tortoises $500 pair
huge variety of leopard gecko baby morphs $15-50 each
pair of captive bred baby black tailed cribos $350ea $600pair
a wide variety of baby cornsnake morphs $20-35ea
6-7" red foot tortoises $125ea
baby Japanese ratsnakes $45ea
baby Mexican milksnakes $45ea
baby hypo brooks kings $40
baby scaleless everglades ratsnakes $150 male, $300 pair
baby African house snakes $25ea
cb Cuban purple tarantulas-awesome-communal-beautiful $20ea

October 8, 2013

Awesome Reptile Show in Lansing Michigan Sunday October 13th

Come and check out the great reptile show at the Lansing Center in Lansing, MI on Sunday October 13th from 10am to 4pm. It is going to be fun! Tons of great animals, supplies, feeders and anything else you could need for your animals and great food and door prizes for you! Promotion for this show just show your current MSU student or faculty ID and you get $2 off adult admission!!! Check out the site at www.lansingreptileshow.com

October 4, 2013

Current available list 10-5-13

Huge list of great stuff at the best prices around! All on hand, no bs!

Evan Stahl Reptiles 248 977 5175 evansnakes@aol.com www.evanstahl.com www.lansingreptileshow.com

well started baby snow cornsnakes $25ea
baby lavender albino male retic $200
baby female white albino retic $200
baby male hypo albino Burmese python $400 MI sales only
 6-9" goliath bird eaters males $65ea, females $85ea
giant pixie frogs med $45, lg $75ea
rose hair tarantulas-sub adult to adult $8ea
pink toe tarantulas-sub adult to adult $10ea
baby red ear sliders $5ea, 3 for $10, 50 or more inquire
baby southern painted turtles $9ea
baby map turtles $6ea
baby white spot geckos $10ea
baby striped pictus geckos $25ea
baby leopard geckos $20ea
baby hypo leopard geckos $25-35ea
baby snow, albino snow, hypo carrot tail, patternless snow and many more leopard geckos $25-50ea
baby Colombian boas captive bred in the USA $50ea
nice big hypo boa juveniles $100ea
baby snow florida kingsnakes $45ea
baby African house snakes $25ea
1/2" green bottle blues $40ea
1/2" orange starburst baboons $5ea
1/2" salmon pink bird eaters $8ea
1"+ salmon pink bird eaters $15ea
white spotted assassin bugs $10ea
baby Chinese king ratsnakes $100ea
baby sulcata tortoises $65ea
baby reeves turtles $20ea
5' female irian jaya carpet python- tame $150
well started baby jungle carpet pythons $85ea nice!
1/4" pumpkin patch tarantulas $20ea awesome adult color
well started baby apricot pueblan milks gorgeous bright orange! $45ea
well started baby oreo pueblan milks awesome b&w $75ea
well started baby striped blotched kingsnakes $75ea HOT color!
a bunch of high end sub adult to adult leopard geckos $50-500ea inquire
small desert hairy scorpions $12ea
large desert hairy scorpions $15ea
stripe tail scorpions $10ea
tri colored burrowing scorpions $15ea
giant Madagascar velvet geckos-HUGE $50ea
golden geckos long term captives super nice $15ea
Madagascar plated lizards long term captives $15ea
Madagascar velvet geckos $20ea
large super tame adult male jungle carpet python $150
flat rock scorpions $12ea

Baby Ball Pythons: bred here:

pinstripe males $100ea
pastel butter female $300 very pretty
butter pinstripe male $350ea
butter pastel pinstripe male or female $800ea
super pastel pinstripe butter male $2500
super spinner blast female $1500
Mojave spider yellow belly $700
Mojave spider pastel yellow belly $2000
super lemon blasts $600ea
super lemon blast yellow belly $2500
champagne males $300ea

600 gram female killer bee yellow belly $1500
adult male breeder pastel orange ghost $400
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