June 9, 2010

A terrific start to the season-ball python updates

What an exciting year! Here is what is available now:

male and female normals $25each

male pastels $75each

female pastels (sold out-more due soon) $125each

female spiders $175each

male spiders $125each

male pinstripes $150each

female pinstripes (sold out-more due soon) $200each

female lemon blast $600each

male lemon blast (sold out-more due soon) $600each

male and female bumble bees $500each

het albinos males $50 each, females $100 each, $125 pair

het hypo/orange ghost males $50each, females $100each, $125 pair

pastel het orange ghost males $100each, females (sold out more hatching soon) $200each

orange ghost males $175 each (sold out-more very soon) females $300each

orange ghost pastel $500 each males, $600 each females (sold out-more soon)

June 8, 2010

More baby ball pythons hatching!

Some awesome spinner balls are hatching now! They are spider pinstripe combos! Cool looking and great for breeding.

Also out now: pastels, spiders, pinstripes, orange ghosts, pastel het orange ghost, pastel orange ghosts, bumble bees, lemon blasts, het albinos and normals.

Due very soon: orange ghosts, het orange ghost, yellow belly, ivory, albino, het albino and much more!