July 26, 2012

Available Ball Pythons and more

2012 babies

male albino $200
female albino $300
pastel female $100
hypo pastel male $250
black pastel male $500
spinner blast male $1000
spinner female $400
lemon blast male 400
pastel yellow belly male $250
pinstripe female $200
killer bee male $700
bumble bee yellow belly male $1000
spider yellow belly male $250
spider yellow belly female $400
spiders $100ea males, $150ea females

big adult female spider ball proven breeder 9 egg slaid this season over 2000 grams $1000

other snakes

yearling female biak green tree pythons $300ea awesome eating small mice, just turning green

awesome baby jungle carpet and diamond x jungle carpet pythons from outstanding adults $100ea

CB USA baby Colombian boas $50ea

New stuff

adult giant day geckos $60ea
madagascar velvet geckos $35ea
jumbo madagascar plated lizards $40ea
madagascar spiney tail iguanas-3 species $35-50ea

July 13, 2012

Check out the new baby pics!

I set up two clutches per tub in my incubator. This tub is HOT!
Check out the bright purple orange ghost black pastels and the GIANT 14 egg clutch from killer bee yellow belly x pastel! count the bumble bees and killer bees in this awesome clutch! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.... WOW I hope Kevin Mccurly is proud of me!

July 8, 2012

Pics of some recent hatchlings

More awesome baby Ball Pythons hatching

Just hatching tonight are some really good looking yellow belly spiders and a yellow belly bumble bee. Hatching in a couple days are hypo black pastels. E

July 1, 2012

Ball Pythons available-2012 babies

spinners $350ea males, 400ea female
spiders $100ea males, $150ea females
pinstripes (abherant striped female $200)
killer bee yellow belly $2000
killer bee $700ea
bumble bee $350ea males $400ea females
super pastel males $250ea
black pastel granite het hypo male $350
orange ghost black pastel male $500ea
orange ghosts $100 ea males, $250ea females
pastel orange ghosts $250ea males, $400ea females
yellow belly bumble bee $1000ea
pastel yellow belly males $200ea, females $350ea

eating and ready to go: male and female pastels $100ea females, $50ea males, female lemon blasts $400ea