January 19, 2014


Since I have had 3 people today ask me to ship snakes, tarantulas and scorpions via the post office (which by the way I DO think is somebody trying to entrap me!!!) I DO NOT break the law and shipping snakes, scorpions and tarantulas through the United States Postal Service is committing a federal crime! Do not ask me to do it. AND just by the way, I will NOT EVER answer my phone from a blocked caller ID call. Thanks.

January 13, 2014

Het Albino Ball Pythons available now

I have a very nice group of 100% het albino 2013 ball pythons available now they are eating well and well started, only $100 pair. Shipping additional. E

January 8, 2014

What I am bringing to the Taylor show 1-11-14

What I am going to have at the Taylor show Saturday the 11th of January.

Ball Pythons: emperor pin, super emperor pin, champagne, cinny champagne, super pastel champagne, orange ghost granite, pastel Mojave, spider, bumble bee, spinner yellow belly, butter, super pastel calico, Mojave pastel spider, super pastel butter and some others.

Frogs: whites tree frogs, red eyed tree frogs, lutino red eyed tree frogs and dwarf under water frogs

other snakes: Brazilian rainbow boa, jungle carpet pythons, ceram amethystine pythons, ghost florida king, scaleless everglades ratsnake, black pinesnake, Chinese king ratsnakes, pueblan milks, tangerine albino Honduran milk and more

lizards: leopard geckos, giant velvet geckos, savannah monitors, Halmahera geckos and more

turtles: pink belly side necks, snake necks and more

tortoises: red foot tortoise, elongated tortoise, sulcata tortoise

and fire belly newts, tons of tarantulas, scorpions and more

December 28, 2013

Available Ball Pythons 12-28-13

2013 ball pythons

butter $150
bumble bee $250
spider $100ea
cinnamon champagne $500
super pastel champagne $800 beautiful
black pastel yellow belly $400 (200 grams) gorgeous, bright orange belly
Mojave pastel spider yellow belly $1500 (200 grams) neat
spotnose $75
champagne $400ea (200 grams) excellent color
super pastel butter $600 HOT
super pastel exceptional $250

yellow belly spinner $1000
super pastel calico $1000 (200 grams)
emperor pin $500
super emperor pin $1800
pastave male $200
Mojave pastel spider yellow belly $1200 (200 grams)
spotnose $50

December 6, 2013

More Awesome ball pythons

New stuff for sale, hatched, shed and have eaten 4-5 times now. Shipping is additional if needed.
male pastel banana $1400!
male and female cinnamon champagnes $400ea!
female super pastel champagne $700! HOT!

November 28, 2013

New updated availability 11-29-13

Ball Pythons:
1.0 spotnose $50ea
0.1 bumble bee $300 nice
1.0 pinstripe orange ghost $250...
1.0 woma orange ghost $300 neat purple color
0.1 lemon blast het orange ghost/hypo $300
1.0 super emperor $2000
1.0 fire $50
0.1 Mojave spider pastel yellow belly $2000
1.0 Mojave spider pastel yellow belly $1500
0.1 Mojave spider pastel $600
0.1 spider $100
1.0 yellow belly spinner-neat coloration $1200
0.1 woma $100
2.0 yellow belly $50ea males, $75 female
0.2 champagnes-exceptional and getting big $400ea
1.0 cinny $50 really nice one
0.1 super pastel $250
1.1 pastel $50 male, $85 female NICE ones
1.0 Mojave $75

 then I also have an adult male breeder pastel orange ghost for $400
and some normal 2013 babies for $25ea

Everything else:
1.0 baby Chinese king ratsnake $100
6' adult pair Albino male and het albino female Chinese King Rats $1000pr
5' nile monitor $400
huge adult female Colombian boa breeder $150
captive bred red eyed tree frogs $15ea
captive bred lutino red eyed tree frogs $25ea
captive bred baby jacksons chameleons $35ea
baby crested geckos nice oranges $35ea
7' lavender albino male reticulated python $350
large variety of leopard gecko babies $20-50ea hypo, albino, albino snow, jungle, snow jungle, hypo carrot tails and much more
nice variety of sub adult to adult leopard geckos $35-400ea enigmas, sunglows, super snow albino, super raptor, hypo cts, lavenders, red stripe and more
African house snakes $25ea
hypo brooks kings $35ea
sub adult snow Honduran milksnakes $85ea
long term captive Halmahera giant geckos $75ea
long term captive giant Madagascan velvet geckos $50ea
adult female irian jaya carpet-nice $150
adult male dog tame jungle carper python $150
well started baby jungle carpet pythons $85ea
baby Nicaraguan boas $35ea
7-8" red foot tortoises $125ea awesome
baby sulcata tortoises $75ea
well started juvenile elongated tortoises $125ea
Cuban tree frogs $5ea long term captives
small-medium marine toads $10ea
adult breeding pair of bearded dragons $100pr
adult imported yellow amazon tree boas $100ea
baby Japanese ratsnakes-kunisar island form $75ea
oreo pueblan milksnakes $75ea
various cornsnakes $20-35 eating frozen thawed VERY well

Cuban purples 1/2"+ $20ea
pumpkin patch 1/4" $20ea
usumbara baboons 1/2"+ $8ea
6"+ male goliath bird eater $50
7"+ female goliath bird eater $85
desert hairy scorpions $12ea
striped tail scorpions $10ea


November 14, 2013

Some other neat stuff available now-pics

 male albino and female het albino Chinese king rats 5-6' pair $1000
 7' male albino reticulated python $350
 5'+ nile monitor $400

November 12, 2013

New Stuff In

captive bred baby red eyed tree frogs $15ea
captive bred big baby leutino red eyed tree frog $25ea
baby Okinawan pond turtles (mauremys mutica) $40ea
baby sulcata tortoises $75ea
baby elongated tortoises $125ea
adult yellow amazon tree boas $100ea
7-8" cb red foot tortoises $125ea
cb baby Nicaraguan boas $35ea
normal cb USA baby ball pythons $25ea
5'+ gorgeous nile monitor $400
orange baby crested geckos $45ea

October 29, 2013

Available stuff with new pics

                                         above is a male 2013 baby Chinese king ratsnake $100

                                          above is a super lemon blast female $600

                                          above are pearl Burmese pythons het for granite
                                          just one male left $400. Michigan sale only

                                          super pastel butter female $700

                                          adult male breeder pastel orange ghost $400
                                         female white albino reticulated python $200
                                          female super spinner blast $1500

                                          Mojave spider pastel yellow belly male $1500
                                            female $2000
                                          male emperor pinstripe $500

                                          male spinner blast $500

                                          male super emperor pin $2000

                                          female lavender albino reticulated $300

                                          2013 male and female pair of scaleless everglades
                                          ratsnakes $300 pair
                                          het albino adult female Chinese king rat above
                                          and below is adult male albino Chinese king rat
                                           the pair is available for $1000 firm

                                          HUGE breeder female Mojave $1000

                                          baby Japanese ratsnakes $75ea

                                           gorgeous 7" red foot tortoises $125ea

October 21, 2013

New Animals for sale

new stuff:

baby albino lavender reticulated python male $250
baby albino lavender reticulated python female $300
baby white albino reticulated python female $200
6-7' male lavender albino reticulated python $350
5 year old pair of brown Burmese mountain tortoises $500 pair
huge variety of leopard gecko baby morphs $15-50 each
pair of captive bred baby black tailed cribos $350ea $600pair
a wide variety of baby cornsnake morphs $20-35ea
6-7" red foot tortoises $125ea
baby Japanese ratsnakes $45ea
baby Mexican milksnakes $45ea
baby hypo brooks kings $40
baby scaleless everglades ratsnakes $150 male, $300 pair
baby African house snakes $25ea
cb Cuban purple tarantulas-awesome-communal-beautiful $20ea