January 8, 2014

What I am bringing to the Taylor show 1-11-14

What I am going to have at the Taylor show Saturday the 11th of January.

Ball Pythons: emperor pin, super emperor pin, champagne, cinny champagne, super pastel champagne, orange ghost granite, pastel Mojave, spider, bumble bee, spinner yellow belly, butter, super pastel calico, Mojave pastel spider, super pastel butter and some others.

Frogs: whites tree frogs, red eyed tree frogs, lutino red eyed tree frogs and dwarf under water frogs

other snakes: Brazilian rainbow boa, jungle carpet pythons, ceram amethystine pythons, ghost florida king, scaleless everglades ratsnake, black pinesnake, Chinese king ratsnakes, pueblan milks, tangerine albino Honduran milk and more

lizards: leopard geckos, giant velvet geckos, savannah monitors, Halmahera geckos and more

turtles: pink belly side necks, snake necks and more

tortoises: red foot tortoise, elongated tortoise, sulcata tortoise

and fire belly newts, tons of tarantulas, scorpions and more