August 27, 2013

Updated Ball Python Availability

2013 babies
normal $25-35ea
male super pastel $200
male pastel $50
female pastel $85
male spider $100
female spider $150
male pinstripe $100
female pinstripe $150
female albino $300
male pastel butter $250
male butter pinstripe $400
male super spinner blast $1500
male lemon blast $250
female super spinner blast $1500
female super lemon blast $650
male and female butter pastel pinstripes $900ea
male super pastel butter pinstripe $inquire
female super pastel yellow belly pinstripe $inquire
super pastel butter spider pinstripe $inquire

August 23, 2013

coming up fast, the new Lansing Reptile show September 8th

great new reptile show coming to the Lansing Center downtown, Lansing Michigan. The first show is Sunday, September 8th, 2013. come and check it out, a super clean show with all of the best animals from the state and regions top breeders, manufacturers and distributors. Come and check it out from 10am to 4pm. E

August 19, 2013

Great New Reptile Show Coming To Lansing Michigan

the first show is Sunday, September 8th, from 10am-4pm at the awesome Lansing Center please come out and check out Michigan's newest, cleanest reptile show at a great venue. All the best animals, dry goods, caging, supplies, feeders and anything else you could need or want to go with your animals at The Capital City Reptile Show and on facebook The Capital City Reptile Show with constant updates on what to expect. hope to see you there. E

August 15, 2013

New stuff in now

gorgeous baby Brazilian rainbow boas $100ea males, $125ea females
baby Colombian boas captive bred in the USA $50ea
white spotted assassin bugs-cb juveniles $10ea awesome
baby red blood pythons just $75ea
baby leopard geckos $20-25ea
sonoran desert toad $75 rare (same as Colorado river toad)

August 12, 2013

new 2013 Ball Pythons for sale

male pinstripe, very nice reduced pattern striped $125
male super pastel $250
pastel butters $250ea males, $300 female
male emperor pinstripe (pastel butter pinstripe) $1000
lemon blasts, exceptional with full back striping $250ea males, $300female
female super spinner blast $1500
female pastel orange ghost $300
female Mojave spider pastel yellow belly $inquire
super lemon blast yellow belly $2500
pastel female $90

August 7, 2013

baby Red Blood Pythons in

I have some nice baby red blood pythons in today, they are eating well, $85ea or $150 pair