December 21, 2011

Current weights just taken for ball pythons available updated 1-3-12

killer bee yellow belly male 245 $2000
spinner blast male 343 $1700
killer bee female 460 $1200
bumble bee female 145 $400
super pastel female 260 grams $350
champagne female 224 $1200
"tiger" or desert enchi female 193 $2000
female bumble bee 243 $450
male mojave pastel spider 194 $2000
pastel butter female 274 $700
super pastel pinstripe black pastel female 184 $4000
fire male 199 $150
pinstripe male 165 $150
pinstripe male 175 $150
male enchi pastel spider 173 $1000
male genetic stripe 155 $400
orange ghost female 296 $350
anything else, let me know. E

December 18, 2011

New stuff just in

adult whites tree frogs!
baby chinese water dragons
adult rose hair tarantulas
giant roccoco toads
adult pancake tortoises
baby to sub adult colombian rainbow boas

What is going on? Pics!

It is that time of year again! Super pastel yellow belly x butter breeding and a crazy neat 2011 black pastel, pinstripe, super pastel! Things are always interesting this time of year!

December 7, 2011

More great new stuff available!

baby brazilian rainbow boas $100ea
baby albino burmese pythons het for granite $100ea
baby rosy boas $75ea
baby jungle carpet pythons $75ea
baby jungle carpet pythons-super nice $100ea

huge adult breeding pair of Dumerils Boas $250 pair

young adult pair of dwarf sonoran boas about 4 1/2-5' $250 pair

December 4, 2011

Super deal on snake racks!

10 unit shoe box racks with flex watt heat tape included, in great shape, white super lightweight plastic, made by natures spirit, cost $150 each new, I am selling a bunch that I dont need used right now for only $50 per 10 shoe box unit!!! No delivery, they are available for pickup in the metro detroit area of michigan, would prefer to deliver them to this weekends taylor show for pickup there. cash only in person or pay in advance via paypal. 248 977 5175