June 25, 2013

Available animals

I had people asking me "hey Evan, whats for sale" so peoples here you go, a list:

coral albino boa babies $200ea
hypo possibly super hypo Colombian boas $100ea
hypo probably super hypo Colombian boas $200ea
baby ball pythons-African fancies-eating great $35-200ea
baby java retic eats great not nice $90
baby jungle carpet pythons nice $85ea
madagascar velvet geckos $25ea
giant Madagascar velvet ge...ckos $50ea
desert banded geckos $20ea
awesome adult male three toed box turtle $100
African tiger bullfrogs $50ea
captive bred red eyed tree frogs $20ea quarter size
captive bred blue whites tree frogs $15ea 2"
argentine horned frogs half dollar sized $15ea
"lipstick" argentine horned frogs $35ea silver dollar +
captive bred baby white spotted geckos $15ea
2" Mexican fire legs $35ea
1"+ king baboons $25ea
1"+ salmon pink bird eaters $20ea
1/2" rose hairs $2ea
stripe tail scorpions $10ea
desert hairy scorpions $15ea
tri colored burrowing scorpions Africa $20ea
big eyed tree frogs west Africa $10ea
African reed frogs $5-20ea
giant vorax geckos $45-60ea
cb baby vorax geckos $75ea
big fat baby savanna monitors $20ea
big baby leopard tortoises $125ea
baby sulcatta tortoises $75ea
2 1/2" yearling European pond turtles $100ea
Madagascar plated lizards $20ea
albino bullfrogs $25ea
large adult male blue tongue skink $125
male yellow belly ball python 150 grams $50

European Pond Turtles and Leopard Tortoises just in

Just in, awesome 2-2 1/2", yearling European pond turtles $100ea
and well started baby leopard tortoises $125ea

June 24, 2013

The Capital City Reptile Show-Lansing Michigan September 8th, 2013

I am really excited about the upcoming reptile show in Lansing Michigan on September 8th! I am personally busting butt to get only the best vendors and the best animals and products for the show to make it just a great experience for the public. There will be a huge variety of awesome reptiles, amphibians and bugs there for sure, but also there will be plastic cages and rack units, heating, bedding, decorations, acrylic displays and cages, thermostats, foods, supplements, feeder insects and rodents and just about anything else you can think of at great prices as well as some really cool surprises I am working on to make this first show really something special. Come and check it out at the awesome Lansing Center (www.lansingcenter.com) right in downtown Lansing. Right near the capital, just a couple miles down the road from Michigan State University.

It's going to be a great time. So please plan to come and join us from 10am to 4pm on September 8th. The website is under construction now. If you would like any more info or are interested in becoming a vendor please call me at 248 977 5175 or email at evansnakes@aol.com.

June 23, 2013

Coral Albino Boas and Hypo Possibly Super Hypo Boas

just got in some beautiful coral albino Colombian boas (kahl), they are very very pink already at less than a week old. once they shed and eat a couple times they will be ready to go. they are $200ea
I have some really nice hypo Colombian boas for sale. They could be supers, 2-3 look like supers to me. They are $100ea for the more standard hypo possibly supers and $200ea for the probably supers possibly supers. These are not salmons, they are very clean very pink hypos. please excuse the turd, I did not notice it at night in the dark until the flash went off. the darker hypos are in shed, they are all really nice. E

June 14, 2013

Albino Bullfrogs

The last of the albino bullfrogs for a few months are in this morning. They are 2-3" and crazy excited about being out of the water! Don't wait, they are not going to last long. E

Awesome morning!

Got up and headed into the ball python room this morning to check on eggs being laid and eggs hatching and all was quiet on the western front but I found this awesome little gem just hatched out! my first ever hatchling captive bred vorax gecko (aka giant Halmahera gecko, aka banana gecko). He sat there like he was dead, but boy was he playing possum. The second I touched him he jumped and run. He is safely back in captivity at this time and enjoyed lush accomodations. What a little champ!

June 11, 2013

Gorgeous Hypo Colombian Boas in (possibly super hypos)

I have a fantastic group of 4.5, 2013 hypo Colombian Boas available. They are super clean silver almost white with beautiful pink and red markings and highlights. They are eating great and $100ea.

June 9, 2013

new captive bred spiders in

avicularia laeta-smaller pink toe species-more aggressive than others but pretty- 1/2"

Thrixopelma ockerti-flame rump tree spider-very very colorful spider 1"

purple peru pink toe-super nice spider-gets nice size- 1/2"

chilobrachys guangxiensis, Chinese fawns 1/4"

Tapinauchenius cupreus, violet tree spider 1/4"

Mexican Fire Legs 1 1/2"

King Baboons 3/4"

Salmon Pink Bird Eaters 3/4"

June 4, 2013

Great animals available at the upcoming Taylor Reptile show Saturday June 8th

all kinds of great ball python morphs and just nice normal baby ball pythons
gorgeous hypo and super hypo boas
exceptional baby jungle carpet pythons
red eyed tree frogs
whites tree frogs
leopard geckos
crested geckos
baby reticulated pythons
Chinese king ratsnakes
giant velvet geckos
giant vorax geckos
Mexican fire leg tarantulas
albino bullfrogs
a variety of argentine horned frogs

and much much more