October 26, 2010

The start of the 2010-11 breeding season!

Well believe it or not this year blew by us at lightning fast pace. Crazy to think about 2011 already!!! I just started the whole ball python breeding dealio again and they are a hump happy bunch to be sure. Super fast lock-ups all over the place. I love when you put in a male with a female, he says hello and ten seconds later (maybe a couple minutes) they are "boom chica whaaa whaaa" if you know what I mean. E

October 13, 2010

Some more 2010 Ball Python morphs available now

male lesser

female lesser (in shed)

I have a super nice colored pair of lesser platinums available now, they are 175-200 grams, eating great and look great (will have pics soon, they are in shed now), male $225, female $350

October 6, 2010

Updated weights on 2010 Ball Pythons available

Some people have asked so here are some current weights on baby ball pythons:
butter pinstripe male 125
male bumble bee 152
super spinner blast yb 168
male bee 133
granite orange ghost (gog) 147
orange ghost 121
woma 253
yb pinstripe 186
het hypo female 241
spinner blast female 170
enchi pinstripe male 196
All are eating well and growing fast!

September 1, 2010

2010 Baby Ball Pythons Available now with pics

please keep in mind that animals sell and are born all the time so please use the most current price lists and blog posts for availability. Older posts are good for reference but the animals posted in older posts are most likley no longer available. sometimes I use sample animals for pics, but the animals in the pics below in this blog are the exact animals for sale. Thanks very much. Evan

the next two pics are of a late 2009 female spider yellow belly het pied

the 300+ gram female yellow belly spider het pied is $3000

male yellow belly pinstripe-sale-limited time $1200!

July 19, 2010

Website updates

We just added a pile of new pics and some new pages to the ball python section of the site. It just keeps growing as I hatch out more neat babies. E

July 11, 2010

update on ball python morphs available now

male pastels $75ea

female spiders $175ea

male spiders $125ea

albino female $400ea

het albino males $50ea

pastel het hypo male $100

bumble bee male $500

bumble bee female $500

spinner female $800

striped spiders genetic reduced $300ea

male woma ball $200 huge eater

male black granite $150 huge eater

female killer bee $1100

female spinner blast $2500

male lemon blast $600

male orange ghost $175

male yellow belly bumble bee $2500

yellow belly pinstripes $1500ea

orange ghost pastel male $500

July 7, 2010

Lots of pics of crazy stuff hatching now!

WOW, what a year I am having! So far I have hatched out the following ball pythons: albino, orange ghost, pastel orange ghost, pastel, pinstripe, lemon blast, spinner, spider, bumble bee, spinner blast, yellow belly, yellow belly pinstripe, killer bee, super pastel, killer blast and more!
Just amazing how variable the ball python is. You can have so many genes in one clutch that no matter how many eggs you have every baby is a different color and pattern! Just amazing. E

June 9, 2010

A terrific start to the season-ball python updates

What an exciting year! Here is what is available now:

male and female normals $25each

male pastels $75each

female pastels (sold out-more due soon) $125each

female spiders $175each

male spiders $125each

male pinstripes $150each

female pinstripes (sold out-more due soon) $200each

female lemon blast $600each

male lemon blast (sold out-more due soon) $600each

male and female bumble bees $500each

het albinos males $50 each, females $100 each, $125 pair

het hypo/orange ghost males $50each, females $100each, $125 pair

pastel het orange ghost males $100each, females (sold out more hatching soon) $200each

orange ghost males $175 each (sold out-more very soon) females $300each

orange ghost pastel $500 each males, $600 each females (sold out-more soon)

June 8, 2010

More baby ball pythons hatching!

Some awesome spinner balls are hatching now! They are spider pinstripe combos! Cool looking and great for breeding.

Also out now: pastels, spiders, pinstripes, orange ghosts, pastel het orange ghost, pastel orange ghosts, bumble bees, lemon blasts, het albinos and normals.

Due very soon: orange ghosts, het orange ghost, yellow belly, ivory, albino, het albino and much more!

May 31, 2010

Ball Python updates-2010 babies

Here is an updated list of what I have hatched out and for sale now. They have not shed or eaten yet. I do not mind holding them and making sure they have eaten a few times prior to shipping if you feel better with that. Just let me know.

male pastels

male and female spiders

male and female bumble bees

female orange ghost

male pastel het orange ghost

male orange ghost pastels

female lemon blast
male and female het albinos
male and female normals
more great stuff hatching in about a week! E

May 29, 2010

Baby Ball Pythons are hatching!

Hatched out so far: normals, pastels, pinstripes, spiders, het albinos, het hypos, pastel het hypos, hypos, hypo pastels, bumble bees, lemon blasts and more hatching soon!

May 16, 2010

A couple really neat new arrivals!

7' female albino radiated ratsnake, tame. awesome! $200

700 gram yellow belly spider female ball python, gorgeous! $1000

May 13, 2010

Baby Gargoyle Geckos just hatching! and ball python update

I have never tried to breed or produce gargoyle geckos before but I had some adults here from a collection that I bought and I just spoiled them and sure enough they laid eggs and at a reptile show in the deli cup to boot! So I brought the eggs home and now months later they are hatching! I love when I hatch out new stuff that I have never done before. Awesome!

Ball pythons update: I have pastels, lemon blasts, pinstripes, het albinos and a couple other things in my first few clutches that are just starting to hatch now. Due very soon to hatch: spiders, bumble bees and much more.

May 9, 2010

Eggs are starting to hatch...finally!

It is so hard for me to wait for eggs to start hatching each year. It is tough, you have projects that you have put so much work into for years and you want to know so badly if you got what you were trying to produce or not and sometimes you have a shot at producing an all new genetic morph and that is just a killer wait.

Well this season is just barely starting this week with baby giant leopard geckos being born and my first few pastel jungle ball pythons getting ready to leave their eggs in a few days. Once the first clutch of ball pythons hatch I should have clutches hatching about every couple-few days for months. It is amazing. I am having a really great year and am off to such a strong start with so many eggs there is a lot to look forward to this year. E

April 20, 2010

Updates on 2010 Ball Python season

It is looking like a geat season for me here on the ball python front. As of now I have a bunch of eggs in the incubator and many more gravid girls to go. I will have morphs starting to hatch in a little over a month. Here is an updated list of what can hatch out so far from the eggs I have now: albino, het albino, hypo, het hypo, pastel het hypo, hypo pastel, pastel, pinstripe, spider, super pastel, bumble bee, killer bee, spinner, lemon blast, super blast, cinnamon, pewter, sterling, cinnamon spider, pewter bee, pewter blast, sterling blast, spinner blast, super spinner blast and more!

What are you looking for? Would you like to reserve an animal? You can put a down payment on anything you like and I will hold it for you when it hatches and get it eating well prior to shipping while you pay on a payment plan.

Do you want a particular sex of a certain morph? No problem, I can let you know when I have it available, just shoot me an email. Thanks very much. E

March 29, 2010

Some pics of this great ball python season here. Killer bee yellow belly male with his now very gravid lemon blast girlfriend. Ovulating bumble bee female. Super pastel yellow belly male spreading his Mclovin' to the yellow belly girls. I am really excited about the crazy huge variety we could have this year. E