December 21, 2011

Current weights just taken for ball pythons available updated 1-3-12

killer bee yellow belly male 245 $2000
spinner blast male 343 $1700
killer bee female 460 $1200
bumble bee female 145 $400
super pastel female 260 grams $350
champagne female 224 $1200
"tiger" or desert enchi female 193 $2000
female bumble bee 243 $450
male mojave pastel spider 194 $2000
pastel butter female 274 $700
super pastel pinstripe black pastel female 184 $4000
fire male 199 $150
pinstripe male 165 $150
pinstripe male 175 $150
male enchi pastel spider 173 $1000
male genetic stripe 155 $400
orange ghost female 296 $350
anything else, let me know. E

December 18, 2011

New stuff just in

adult whites tree frogs!
baby chinese water dragons
adult rose hair tarantulas
giant roccoco toads
adult pancake tortoises
baby to sub adult colombian rainbow boas

What is going on? Pics!

It is that time of year again! Super pastel yellow belly x butter breeding and a crazy neat 2011 black pastel, pinstripe, super pastel! Things are always interesting this time of year!

December 7, 2011

More great new stuff available!

baby brazilian rainbow boas $100ea
baby albino burmese pythons het for granite $100ea
baby rosy boas $75ea
baby jungle carpet pythons $75ea
baby jungle carpet pythons-super nice $100ea

huge adult breeding pair of Dumerils Boas $250 pair

young adult pair of dwarf sonoran boas about 4 1/2-5' $250 pair

December 4, 2011

Super deal on snake racks!

10 unit shoe box racks with flex watt heat tape included, in great shape, white super lightweight plastic, made by natures spirit, cost $150 each new, I am selling a bunch that I dont need used right now for only $50 per 10 shoe box unit!!! No delivery, they are available for pickup in the metro detroit area of michigan, would prefer to deliver them to this weekends taylor show for pickup there. cash only in person or pay in advance via paypal. 248 977 5175

November 2, 2011

Available Ball Pythons updated 12/11/2011

this is the most up to date list and pricing, it makes all other prior postings irrelevant. These are the most up to date size, prices and availability. Shipping is additional.


genetic stripe male $400 awesome!
male pinstripes $150ea
male spinners $400ea
female butters $300ea very well started!
male fire (300+ grams) $150
yellow bellies $50ea males
albino males $300ea
spider males $125ea
female orange ghost 300 grams $400
male spinner blast 250+ grams $1500
male and female orange ghost 100% het for caramel $500 male, $900 female
female desert enchi $2000!
female super pastel, spider, black pastel $3500
female super pastel, pinstripe, black pastel $4000
male killer bee yellow belly $2500
male bumble bee $350
female bumble bee $450
male mojave spider pastel $2000 awesome!
female pastel butter-insane color! $600

October 3, 2011

Large Adult Breeder Leopard Gecko Morphs and some adult Breeder Crested Geckos available now

these are all young adult, excellent proven breeders, big and fat (64-75 grams each), leopard geckos. Mostly females but I do have a couple huge boys available as well. Las Vegas blazing blizzard, bell albino, tremper albino, sunglows, raptors, patternless albinos and more! Only $50 each. They will bump up your production for the season ahead! some pics to give you an idea. Also some huge crested gecko breeders, mostly tailless as you would expect but some have full tails (some girls). They are $35-50ea.

September 21, 2011

Husbandry equipment you need at great prices

sexy stainless steel stuff!!!!!!!!!

Pocket extending snake hooks-great for herping, only $5ea

nice 4 piece sexing probe kit in leather pouch only $8ea

nice 5 piece sexing probe kit in leather pouch only $10ea

deluxe pinkie pump (for feeding baby snakes) (with extra tube) $30ea

8" locking hemostats-great for feeding, cleaning, picking up hot scorpions and a million other uses hemos have! only $6ea

10" locking hemos $7ea

12" locking hemos $8ea

snake hooks too! shipping is super cheap via US mail or FedEx. E

September 7, 2011

Some very special deals only found on this site!

right now, these animals if posted are available, at these prices, all prices are + shipping (fedex overnight only $35-50). sorry no haggling and no payment plans on these prices I just want to try to move a few more animals before I move soon. Thanks. E

all 2011 babies

female pastel het hypo $150!
female killer bee $900!
male bumble bee yellow belly $1000!
male spider yellow belly $250!
genetic banded/reduced $100ea 2 available
pastel yellow belly genetic banded reduced $750
male pastel $75 very well started

also available-just hatched:
yellow belly pastels
yellow belly bumble bees
yellow belly killer bee

still more clutches yet to hatch!

September 5, 2011

Some non ball pythons available now!

Really big, fat, well started baby sulcatta tortoises $65ea
awesome baby Hermanns tortoises! $125ea
screaming orange juvenile tangerine leopard geckos $35-50ea
spectacular pair of adult raptor leopard geckos-great producers $125 pair!
4' pair of nearly full grown costa rican boas-gorgeous $300pair
NICE adult proven breeding pair of dumerils boas $250 pair 5-6'male & 8'+female

August 22, 2011

Updated available Ball Pythons 9-6-11

Note: the availability and pricing in this post is now the current information. All prior and previous posts are now obsolete and left just for informational purposes but will not be good for pricing and availability. Thanks. E

2011 animals Available now:

1 Yellow belly spider female $500ea
1 genetic stripe male $400
1 killer bee female $1000
1 killer bee yellow belly male $4000
1 genetic stripe female $500
1 champagne female $1800
2 Yellow belly bumble bee males $1200ea
2 Pastel het orange ghost female $200ea
1 male super pastel $300
2 male spiders $125ea
2 pastel females $100ea
2 genetic banded/reduced just hatched $100ea

will add more next week, will have more hatching in a couple weeks

adults available now:

breeder male reduced pattern pinstripe $400
proven female genetic banded reduced $200
great breeder spider yellow belly male $700
huge female het hypo $500

August 18, 2011

Just a quick note to all of my customers

Hi there, I do everything that I do by myself. I dont have any employees or helpers and I am a single guy. So please understand that this time of year I am getting a bit overloaded. I am doing my best to keep on top of email and phone calls but somebody may get missed here and there. I am very sorry if this happens. Sometimes trying to keep too many balls in the air (no pun intended) makes you drop them all. So just so you know that I am trying very hard to keep up on everything, but animal care always has to come first. Please contact me again if you do not hear back from me in a reasonable time. I apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks very much. E

August 16, 2011

Notice to customers from the St Louis reptile show

Just a notice to everyone, I will no longer be attending the show at the viking southwest hotel in st louis. I am happy to ship anything that anyone would want to them via FedEx or Delta Airlines. Thanks very much and hope to deal with you again soon. E

August 1, 2011

more pics of 2011 baby ball python morphs

these are all animals created here and are very good examples of what I have available. pics were just taken today

killer bee (super pastel spider)

Orange Ghost Pastel or hypo pastel

Yellow Belly Spider


Spinner (spider+pinstripe)

Bumble Bee (spider + pastel)

Yellow Belly Bumble Bee

genetic reduced/banded orange ghost/hypo

Yellow Belly Killer Bee

Lemon Blast (pinstripe + pastel)

July 26, 2011

Lemon Blast Pied!

Check out whats hatching today!

how about them apples Morgan? E

July 18, 2011

Currently available Ball Pythons July 27 2011-lots of pics added

Note: the availability and pricing in this post is now the current information. All prior and previous posts are now obsolete and left just for informational purposes but will not be good for pricing and availability. Thanks. E

Available now:

1 Spinner female (spider+pinstripe) $500ea
1 Yellow belly spider female $500ea
1 bumble bee (spider+pastel) males $300ea
1 bumble bee female $400ea
2 Yellow belly bumble bee males $1500ea
1 Orange ghost pastel male $300ea
2 Pastel het orange ghost female $200ea

1 female pastel yellow bellies $400ea

1 male super pastel yellow belly $1000

July 11, 2011

updated available ball pythons and more

super pretty yellow amazon tree boa male about 3' eats great $100
awesome adult emerald tree boa-wild caught that I have had for over 6 months-clean, healthy eats great on rats, looks captive bred and raised-flawless! $275
huge proven breeding pair of dumerils boas-male 6' female 8+$300 for the pair
sub adult pair of costa rican boas-bright clean white-silver head with lots of yellow $300 pair

baby ball pythons-2011 hatclings available now: spiders $125 ea males, $150ea females and bumble bees $350ea males, $400ea females, yellow belly spider females $500ea spectacular, killer bee males $1000ea, male pastel yellow bellies $200ea, pinstripe males $150ea, females $200ea, spinners (hatching in a few days) $450ea, orange ghosts $100ea males and $250ea females (hatching next week), hypo pastels hatching next week $300 ea males and $400ea females, male pastels $75ea, female pastels $125ea, pastel het hypo males $100ea, females $200ea.

June 3, 2011

More baby ball pythons hatching!

Male lemon blast ball python just came out of the egg, more babies should be out from this clutch and 1-2 more clutches this weekend. E

June 2, 2011

2011 Baby Ball Python Morphs available now!

Please read this-I am happy to sell baby ball pythons "right out of the egg" which means that they would be shipped after produced and will not have eaten yet and you would knowing this, be accepting that. Please only buy this way if you feel confident with getting baby ball pythons eating. If you have less experience and want to be sure they are eating well, with a deposit to hold them or prepayment I am happy to get them eating well before shipping, at no additional cost. Just let me know. pictures will be available after they shed.

Available right now: 1 pastel $75 male 1 spider $125 male, 2 spider $150ea females 1 bumble bee $300 male 1 yellow belly pastel $150 male 1 super pastel $300 male 1 super pastel yellow belly $900 male 2 killer bee yellow bellies $5000ea 1 male & 1 female

hatching now and the next couple days: pinstripes $150ea males, $200ea females spinners $400ea lemon blasts $400ea spinner blasts $1000ea females, $1200ea males orange ghosts $100ea males, $250ea females pastel orange ghosts $300ea males, $400ea females pastel het orange ghost $100ea males, $200ea females

much more hatching over the next couple months! will keep updating on my site Shippping is fedex overnight and is additional, runs $30-60. Payment is by paypal, cash, postal money orders or checks (held until cleared).

May 30, 2011

Spider ball pythons hatching now

I have some spider balls hatching out today

May 28, 2011

Ball Python clutch #2 turned out BIG!

clutch 2 gave me: a killer bee, a pair of yellow belly killer bees, a super pastel yellow belly a striped spider and a pastel.

Awesome Frogs just in from West Africa!

Neat African frogs from Ghana, reticulated, stary night, lime "jello", striped walking frogs and other varieties of awesome frogs available now. pics: light green with no markings-jello frogs $10ea black with yellow pattern-reticulated-$15ea tons of tiny yellow spots-stary night-$12ea not pictured-brown striped walking frogs $8ea

May 27, 2011

Nice hit in clutch #2!

Clutch 2 of 2011 and I did not have to wait very long to get this awesome kid! Yellow Belly Killer Bee! If you look closely you can see that all the "black" or dark pigment is really pruplish brown like color. Wait until it sheds! I am really excited to see what is next.

May 25, 2011

Emerald, Amazon Tree Boas & Surinam Redtails

gorgeous 3' red orange & yellow amazon tree boa-eats great $150, male
awesome yellow amazon tree boa male, eats great $100

female surinam redtail boa-eats great-gorgeous $200

female surinam redtail boa-eats great-gorgeous $200

awesome long term captive emerald tree boa-eats rats very well! docile $250

May 23, 2011

Just hatched!

Just hatched, on the top yellow belly bumble bee, on the bottom bumble bee. Note the top sibling is a lighter color and has no dark flecking or smudging in the yellow like its sibling below. The difference becomes more dramatic after they shed. Also in this clutch, super pastel yellow belly, pastel yellow belly, pastel and something else that will not come out of its egg.