September 30, 2012

Serious Sale On 2012 Ball Pythons-best prices anywhere

I am only going to post these prices here on my site. These are really low prices and they are firm, please dont ask for better deals. No payment plans at these prices, shipping is additional and is $35-50. Free shipping on all purchases over $1000. Dont pass on these, these prices are below wholesale! no trades on these deals.

current weights just taken today, all are eating like monsters!

male lemon blast 128 grams $old
female pastel 217 grams $100!
male bumble bee 136 grams $250!
male hypo pastel 182 grams $250!
male spinner blast 200+ grams $750!
female spinner blast 200+ grams $850!
male yellow belly bumble bee 300 grams $900!
female pewter bee het genetic stripe 146 grams $1750!
male cinnamon spider het genetic stripe 128 grams $800!
male cinnamon genetic stripe -less than100 grams $800!
male pewter genetic stripe-less than 100 grams $1750!
male or female killer bee yellow belly-less than 100 grams $1500!
male super pastel-less than 100 grams $old
female super pastel-less than100 grams $350ea!
female black pastel pos het hypo-less than100 grams $150!
male black pastel pos het hypo-less than100 grams $100ea!
female lesser black pastel pos het hypo-100+ grams $500!
female super pastel butter yellow belly-less than100 grams $4000!
female killer bee $700

paypal payments should go to my primary email

September 24, 2012

Available animals pics and pricing

captive bred 1"+ red eyed tree frogs $20ea
captive bred 1"+ leutino red eye tree frogs $25ea
cb albino cuban tree frogs $40ea, almost sold out, take last 5 get 2 free
          normal colored possible hets
baby leopard geckos $20ea
baby fancy leopard geckos jungles, sunglows, etc $30ea
madagascar geckos parodeura bastardi $20ea
madagascar geckos parodeura oviceps $50ea
madagascar spiney tailed iguanas grandieri $50ea

nice big marine toads about 4-6" $15ea
baby pac man frogs $20ea
baby jungle carpet pythons $100ea
cb baby emperor scorpions $3ea
female tame sugar glider $100
baby sulcatta tortoises $65ea
baby giant madagascar day geckos-2 weeks old $35ea
adult male giant day gecko $45ea
madagascar velvet geckos $35ea
ornate plated lizards $25ea
madagascar spiney tailed iguana cuvieri $35ea
long term captive tokay geckos super nice $20ea
cb usa 7 month old green tree python biak female $275ea

rose hair tarantulas $7ea
emperor scorpions $6ea
pink toe tarantulas $7ea
cb usa chaco golden knee 2" $20ea
chile tiger spiders females $20ea
goliath bird eaters 5-7" $75ea
southern horned baboons $35ea
tri colored burrowing scorpions $20ea
cb usa trinidad chevrons 2"+ $25ea
cb usa fringed ornamental 2"+ $25ea
vietnamese garden skinks ltc $7ea
flat rock lizards ltc $25ea
savanah monitors 4 month old captive raised gorgeous $45ea
golden geckos ltc $15ea
marbled geckos ltc $15ea
lined day gecko male $30
termite frogs $15ea ltc
yearling female hypo hogg isle boas $200ea
adult sonoran dwarf boa 4' docile $150

September 15, 2012


the absolutely hillarious Mr. Gilbert Gottfried was in town tonight. E

September 14, 2012

baby Giant Madagascar Day Geckos Hatching Now and Captive Bred Frogs available now!

I have amazing baby giant day geckos hatching now from wild caught adults collected in Madagascar and bred for their coloration. I have adults that are solid green all the way to high red markings.

also available now awesome captive bred red eyed tree frogs, leutino red eyes (solid bright yellow) and amazing albino cuban tree frogs all about nickel to quarter size and awsome!

September 11, 2012

A quick caution about online sales

A customer named Amanda Bloom just ripped me off. Her email is She purchased a pair of dumerils boas from me and then 2 1/2 months later filed a complaint with paypal that the items received were not as described. Without sending my animals back to get a refund she filed a complaint with her bank and had the charges reversed. Paypal screwed up and never should have refunded her money but due to her bank pulling the funds paypal threw me under the bus and refunded the purchase. In the end, it is my opinion that she planned this ahead of time and that paypal basically helped her to steal from me. So because of this I am going to be taking my own credit card payments 99% of the time from now on. Amanda Bloom and paypal are both thieves you should watch out for.

Updated Ball Python Availability and Pricing

2012 animals

male lemon blast (pastel pinstripe) very well started $350
male spinner blast (pastel, pinstripe, spider) well started $1000
female spinner blast very well started $1000
male hypo pastel very well started $250
male bumble bee yellow belly very well started $1000
female pastel, very well started $100
male cinnamon genetic stripe $1200
male pewter genetic stripe $2000
female pewter spider het genetic stripe $2500
female super pastel butter yellow belly $5000
female black pastel lesser pos het hypo $600
male granite black pastel pos het hypo $250
female black pastel pos het hypo $250