September 30, 2012

Serious Sale On 2012 Ball Pythons-best prices anywhere

I am only going to post these prices here on my site. These are really low prices and they are firm, please dont ask for better deals. No payment plans at these prices, shipping is additional and is $35-50. Free shipping on all purchases over $1000. Dont pass on these, these prices are below wholesale! no trades on these deals.

current weights just taken today, all are eating like monsters!

male lemon blast 128 grams $old
female pastel 217 grams $100!
male bumble bee 136 grams $250!
male hypo pastel 182 grams $250!
male spinner blast 200+ grams $750!
female spinner blast 200+ grams $850!
male yellow belly bumble bee 300 grams $900!
female pewter bee het genetic stripe 146 grams $1750!
male cinnamon spider het genetic stripe 128 grams $800!
male cinnamon genetic stripe -less than100 grams $800!
male pewter genetic stripe-less than 100 grams $1750!
male or female killer bee yellow belly-less than 100 grams $1500!
male super pastel-less than 100 grams $old
female super pastel-less than100 grams $350ea!
female black pastel pos het hypo-less than100 grams $150!
male black pastel pos het hypo-less than100 grams $100ea!
female lesser black pastel pos het hypo-100+ grams $500!
female super pastel butter yellow belly-less than100 grams $4000!
female killer bee $700

paypal payments should go to my primary email