July 26, 2011

Lemon Blast Pied!

Check out whats hatching today!

how about them apples Morgan? E

July 18, 2011

Currently available Ball Pythons July 27 2011-lots of pics added

Note: the availability and pricing in this post is now the current information. All prior and previous posts are now obsolete and left just for informational purposes but will not be good for pricing and availability. Thanks. E

Available now:

1 Spinner female (spider+pinstripe) $500ea
1 Yellow belly spider female $500ea
1 bumble bee (spider+pastel) males $300ea
1 bumble bee female $400ea
2 Yellow belly bumble bee males $1500ea
1 Orange ghost pastel male $300ea
2 Pastel het orange ghost female $200ea

1 female pastel yellow bellies $400ea

1 male super pastel yellow belly $1000

July 11, 2011

updated available ball pythons and more

super pretty yellow amazon tree boa male about 3' eats great $100
awesome adult emerald tree boa-wild caught that I have had for over 6 months-clean, healthy eats great on rats, looks captive bred and raised-flawless! $275
huge proven breeding pair of dumerils boas-male 6' female 8+$300 for the pair
sub adult pair of costa rican boas-bright clean white-silver head with lots of yellow $300 pair

baby ball pythons-2011 hatclings available now: spiders $125 ea males, $150ea females and bumble bees $350ea males, $400ea females, yellow belly spider females $500ea spectacular, killer bee males $1000ea, male pastel yellow bellies $200ea, pinstripe males $150ea, females $200ea, spinners (hatching in a few days) $450ea, orange ghosts $100ea males and $250ea females (hatching next week), hypo pastels hatching next week $300 ea males and $400ea females, male pastels $75ea, female pastels $125ea, pastel het hypo males $100ea, females $200ea.