September 21, 2011

Husbandry equipment you need at great prices

sexy stainless steel stuff!!!!!!!!!

Pocket extending snake hooks-great for herping, only $5ea

nice 4 piece sexing probe kit in leather pouch only $8ea

nice 5 piece sexing probe kit in leather pouch only $10ea

deluxe pinkie pump (for feeding baby snakes) (with extra tube) $30ea

8" locking hemostats-great for feeding, cleaning, picking up hot scorpions and a million other uses hemos have! only $6ea

10" locking hemos $7ea

12" locking hemos $8ea

snake hooks too! shipping is super cheap via US mail or FedEx. E

September 7, 2011

Some very special deals only found on this site!

right now, these animals if posted are available, at these prices, all prices are + shipping (fedex overnight only $35-50). sorry no haggling and no payment plans on these prices I just want to try to move a few more animals before I move soon. Thanks. E

all 2011 babies

female pastel het hypo $150!
female killer bee $900!
male bumble bee yellow belly $1000!
male spider yellow belly $250!
genetic banded/reduced $100ea 2 available
pastel yellow belly genetic banded reduced $750
male pastel $75 very well started

also available-just hatched:
yellow belly pastels
yellow belly bumble bees
yellow belly killer bee

still more clutches yet to hatch!

September 5, 2011

Some non ball pythons available now!

Really big, fat, well started baby sulcatta tortoises $65ea
awesome baby Hermanns tortoises! $125ea
screaming orange juvenile tangerine leopard geckos $35-50ea
spectacular pair of adult raptor leopard geckos-great producers $125 pair!
4' pair of nearly full grown costa rican boas-gorgeous $300pair
NICE adult proven breeding pair of dumerils boas $250 pair 5-6'male & 8'+female