January 30, 2012

What's going on today?

moved the amazon tree boa group to a BIG cage tonight. they seem to like it. E

January 18, 2012

whats going on today?

the silver thing shed again! I would not have though it would be getting so yellow. it is crazy good looking in person. she is a super pastel, black pastel, spider. She gets better with every shed. E

January 17, 2012

What is going on today?

just got here and lands himself a nice big girlfriend! Just got in this super black pastel het ghost from Jeff Luman today. Nothing but great things to say about everything involved, Jeff packed the animal perfectly, shipped right on time, fedex showed up on time and in the box was a big, fat, gorgeous boy for some of the ghostly girlies around here! Thanks again Jeff.

January 15, 2012

Updated weight and availability of Ball Pythons as of 1-30-12

as of right now 1-30-12 this is the most accurate and current pricing and info on what I have available. It makes all prior info obsolete and irrelevant. Thanks. E

2011 Males

mojave spider pastel 237 grams $2000
orange ghost het caramel (hatchlings) $500ea
reduced pattern clown 160 grams $1200
pinstripes 200+ grams 3 left $125ea
spider $125
spinners (hatchlings over 100 grams) $400ea
lemon blast (kind of dark) 150 grams $300

2012 Females

bumble bee (small) $400
bumble bee yellow belly 240 grams $1000
champagne 300+ grams $1200
pastel 150 grams $125
killer bee 500 grams $1500
orange ghost 400 grams $350
super pastel black pastel pinstripe 300 grams $4000
super pastel black pastel spider 250 grams $4000
orange ghost het caramel (hatchling) $900

Insane prices on some awesome Reticulated Pythons!

gorgeous baby! this is a male, albino sunfire tiger retic possibly het for titanium, can be found right now on the net for $7000! My price right now only $1000!

really pretty super tiger sunfire male, het albino and possibly het for titanium. can be found on the net for $5000! here it is only $1000!

Glows in the dark, baby! This girl is an albino tiger sunfire citron. She can be found on the net for $14,000! Here she is an insane deal for only $2500!

January 10, 2012

Whats new today you ask?

absolutely spectacular baby super reduced pattern clown, male. Make the best animals, dont settle for an ugly clown! This boy is gorgeous! He has just started eating and I will hang onto him a bit and get a few more meals into him prior to shipping. He is available for purchase right now. He is $1000 with shipping included. Payment plan available of 25% down with 30-60 days to pay balance. E

January 9, 2012

Whats going on today?

killer bee yellow belly x butter, sweet snake lovin!

January 5, 2012

What would a super spinner blast ivory look like anyway?

killer bee yellow belly x super lemon blast yellow belly, keep your fingers crossed on this one