October 26, 2010

The start of the 2010-11 breeding season!

Well believe it or not this year blew by us at lightning fast pace. Crazy to think about 2011 already!!! I just started the whole ball python breeding dealio again and they are a hump happy bunch to be sure. Super fast lock-ups all over the place. I love when you put in a male with a female, he says hello and ten seconds later (maybe a couple minutes) they are "boom chica whaaa whaaa" if you know what I mean. E

October 13, 2010

Some more 2010 Ball Python morphs available now

male lesser

female lesser (in shed)

I have a super nice colored pair of lesser platinums available now, they are 175-200 grams, eating great and look great (will have pics soon, they are in shed now), male $225, female $350

October 6, 2010

Updated weights on 2010 Ball Pythons available

Some people have asked so here are some current weights on baby ball pythons:
butter pinstripe male 125
male bumble bee 152
super spinner blast yb 168
male bee 133
granite orange ghost (gog) 147
orange ghost 121
woma 253
yb pinstripe 186
het hypo female 241
spinner blast female 170
enchi pinstripe male 196
All are eating well and growing fast!