April 30, 2012

Available now:

500+ gram female albino ball python $400
500+ gram female pinstripe ball python $400
500+ gram female pastel ball python $250

April 22, 2012

All kinds of cool critters available now!

Sunday 4-22-12

baby albino striped ratsnakes (hybrids) $35ea
small garden phase amazon tree boas $35ea
small bright orange amazon tree boa $150
adult male bright red amazon tree boa $250
adult bright orange amazon tree boa $250
adult female yellow amazon tree boa $150
brand new just born baby ball pythons $25ea
adult male albino cornsnake x honduran milk $75
adult male pastel ball python breeder $100
baby female hypo colombian boa $100
well started female pinstripe ball python $200
huge adult breeding pair of dumerils boas $300
adult imported emerald tree boa $200
well started baby male jungle carpet python $100
juvenile solomon isle ground boa $75
yearling manokwari green tree python $500
female albino tiger reticulated python $300
sub adult female colombian rainbow boas $50ea
well started baby hypo colombian boa x hogg isle females $225ea

frogs & toads:
cb usa pictus tree frogs $50ea
cb usa dart frogs- bumble bee leucomelus, cobalt tinctorius and sky blue azureus $35ea
adult red eye tree frogs $25ea
cb usa amazon milk frog $40
black spinny asian toads $5ea
jumbo whites tree frogs $20ea

baby crested geckos $35ea
flat rock lizards $20ea
vietnamese skinks $5ea
jeweled curky tail lizards $10ea
golden geckos $12ea
tokay geckos $15ea
marbled geckos $12ea
baby chinese water dragons $15ea
brown basilisk $10ea
jumbo tree agamas $30ea
baby savanah monitors $20ea
baby nile monitors $30ea

yearling yellow bellies $15ea
baby red eared sliders $5ea, great wholesale prices available on quantities

rose hairs $6ea
pink toes $8ea
haitian bird eaters $25ea
vietnamese bird eaters $20ea
fringed ornamentals 2" $25ea
striated/mysore ornamental 2"+ $20
mexican fire legs 2"+ $40ea
salmon pink bird eater 2" $15ea
goliath bird eaters 3-4" $55ea
goliath bird eaters 8" $75ea
green bottle blues 1" $60ea
venezuelan sun tigers 2" $20ea
trinidad chevron 2" $20ea
chile tiger spiders $20 females

other bugs:
giant vietnamese centipedes $15ea
emperor scorpions $6ea
cb small emperor scorpions $5ea
gravid adult female emperor scorpions $15ea
halloween crabs $4ea
hermit crabs $2ea

April 17, 2012

New stuff just in

awesome pictus tree frogs also known as spotted tree frogs, Indo painted tree frogs, etc., nyctixalus pictus, some of the very few captive bred specimens available anywhere!

awesome dart frogs! azurs, leucs, tincts and more!

albino tiger retic female and albino super tiger retic female

female pinstripe ball and male super pastel ball

fantastic yearling manokwari chondro python

and much more

April 13, 2012

just something cool

nice big adult goliath bird eater flipped on its back getting ready to molt. Pretty cool.

April 8, 2012

updated available ball pythons

here is what is available right now in ball pythons:

500 gram male pastel butter $700
adult male breeder spider yellow belly $500
600 gram female killer bee $1200
200+ gram female pinstripe $200
200+ gram male super pastel $300
400 gram super pastel pinstripe black pastel $5000

updated bug availability list

available now:

small to medium goliath bird eaters
adult female cobalt blues
2" venezuelan sun tigers
2" salmon pink bird eaters
2" trinidad chevrons
1" green bottle blues
2" fringed ornamentals
2"+ mexican fire legs
gravid emperor scorpions
vietnamese giant centipedes
adult rose hairs
adult pink toes
haitian bird eaters
adult chaco golden knees
chile tiger spiders

April 7, 2012

New stuff just in

really spectacular sub adult female biak green tree just dripping with yellow! $400

Awesome big baby banded gilas, a sexed pair and one unsexed individual. $1800 pair, $800 unsexed single

April 3, 2012

Pastel Butter Pinstripe x Bumble Bee

baby savanah monitors in, baby emperor scorpions ready to go, more.

awesome newborn baby savanas are in now and ready to go!

tons of baby emperor scorpions ready to go and many more gravid females and moms with babies still working.

lots of gravid female ball pythons now, the season is really starting to shape up.