August 22, 2011

Updated available Ball Pythons 9-6-11

Note: the availability and pricing in this post is now the current information. All prior and previous posts are now obsolete and left just for informational purposes but will not be good for pricing and availability. Thanks. E

2011 animals Available now:

1 Yellow belly spider female $500ea
1 genetic stripe male $400
1 killer bee female $1000
1 killer bee yellow belly male $4000
1 genetic stripe female $500
1 champagne female $1800
2 Yellow belly bumble bee males $1200ea
2 Pastel het orange ghost female $200ea
1 male super pastel $300
2 male spiders $125ea
2 pastel females $100ea
2 genetic banded/reduced just hatched $100ea

will add more next week, will have more hatching in a couple weeks

adults available now:

breeder male reduced pattern pinstripe $400
proven female genetic banded reduced $200
great breeder spider yellow belly male $700
huge female het hypo $500