April 20, 2010

Updates on 2010 Ball Python season

It is looking like a geat season for me here on the ball python front. As of now I have a bunch of eggs in the incubator and many more gravid girls to go. I will have morphs starting to hatch in a little over a month. Here is an updated list of what can hatch out so far from the eggs I have now: albino, het albino, hypo, het hypo, pastel het hypo, hypo pastel, pastel, pinstripe, spider, super pastel, bumble bee, killer bee, spinner, lemon blast, super blast, cinnamon, pewter, sterling, cinnamon spider, pewter bee, pewter blast, sterling blast, spinner blast, super spinner blast and more!

What are you looking for? Would you like to reserve an animal? You can put a down payment on anything you like and I will hold it for you when it hatches and get it eating well prior to shipping while you pay on a payment plan.

Do you want a particular sex of a certain morph? No problem, I can let you know when I have it available, just shoot me an email. Thanks very much. E