October 29, 2013

Available stuff with new pics

                                         above is a male 2013 baby Chinese king ratsnake $100

                                          above is a super lemon blast female $600

                                          above are pearl Burmese pythons het for granite
                                          just one male left $400. Michigan sale only

                                          super pastel butter female $700

                                          adult male breeder pastel orange ghost $400
                                         female white albino reticulated python $200
                                          female super spinner blast $1500

                                          Mojave spider pastel yellow belly male $1500
                                            female $2000
                                          male emperor pinstripe $500

                                          male spinner blast $500

                                          male super emperor pin $2000

                                          female lavender albino reticulated $300

                                          2013 male and female pair of scaleless everglades
                                          ratsnakes $300 pair
                                          het albino adult female Chinese king rat above
                                          and below is adult male albino Chinese king rat
                                           the pair is available for $1000 firm

                                          HUGE breeder female Mojave $1000

                                          baby Japanese ratsnakes $75ea

                                           gorgeous 7" red foot tortoises $125ea