November 28, 2013

New updated availability 11-29-13

Ball Pythons:
1.0 spotnose $50ea
0.1 bumble bee $300 nice
1.0 pinstripe orange ghost $250...
1.0 woma orange ghost $300 neat purple color
0.1 lemon blast het orange ghost/hypo $300
1.0 super emperor $2000
1.0 fire $50
0.1 Mojave spider pastel yellow belly $2000
1.0 Mojave spider pastel yellow belly $1500
0.1 Mojave spider pastel $600
0.1 spider $100
1.0 yellow belly spinner-neat coloration $1200
0.1 woma $100
2.0 yellow belly $50ea males, $75 female
0.2 champagnes-exceptional and getting big $400ea
1.0 cinny $50 really nice one
0.1 super pastel $250
1.1 pastel $50 male, $85 female NICE ones
1.0 Mojave $75

 then I also have an adult male breeder pastel orange ghost for $400
and some normal 2013 babies for $25ea

Everything else:
1.0 baby Chinese king ratsnake $100
6' adult pair Albino male and het albino female Chinese King Rats $1000pr
5' nile monitor $400
huge adult female Colombian boa breeder $150
captive bred red eyed tree frogs $15ea
captive bred lutino red eyed tree frogs $25ea
captive bred baby jacksons chameleons $35ea
baby crested geckos nice oranges $35ea
7' lavender albino male reticulated python $350
large variety of leopard gecko babies $20-50ea hypo, albino, albino snow, jungle, snow jungle, hypo carrot tails and much more
nice variety of sub adult to adult leopard geckos $35-400ea enigmas, sunglows, super snow albino, super raptor, hypo cts, lavenders, red stripe and more
African house snakes $25ea
hypo brooks kings $35ea
sub adult snow Honduran milksnakes $85ea
long term captive Halmahera giant geckos $75ea
long term captive giant Madagascan velvet geckos $50ea
adult female irian jaya carpet-nice $150
adult male dog tame jungle carper python $150
well started baby jungle carpet pythons $85ea
baby Nicaraguan boas $35ea
7-8" red foot tortoises $125ea awesome
baby sulcata tortoises $75ea
well started juvenile elongated tortoises $125ea
Cuban tree frogs $5ea long term captives
small-medium marine toads $10ea
adult breeding pair of bearded dragons $100pr
adult imported yellow amazon tree boas $100ea
baby Japanese ratsnakes-kunisar island form $75ea
oreo pueblan milksnakes $75ea
various cornsnakes $20-35 eating frozen thawed VERY well

Cuban purples 1/2"+ $20ea
pumpkin patch 1/4" $20ea
usumbara baboons 1/2"+ $8ea
6"+ male goliath bird eater $50
7"+ female goliath bird eater $85
desert hairy scorpions $12ea
striped tail scorpions $10ea