May 15, 2011

New animals and ball python season updates

Hey guys, sorry I have not been keeping up very well. Very busy time of year compounded with me being sick for what seems like the past year and that does it. The ball python season is going really well. I have a nice full incubator of ball eggs that may contain all kinds of cool stuff. The first clutches should start hatching in about 10 days or so.

New stuff available now: awesome baby nile and savanah monitors, barking tree frogs in stock now, RED amazon tree boas around 3' back in and baby surinam and colombian boas eating great and ready to go!

Coming very soon are this years baby super dwarf retics, 100% pure and full grown at 4-5'! along with some awesome baby normal and hypo dwarf nicaraguan boas which are also full grown at 4-5'!

I will be posting what hatches as the balls start coming out of the eggs. E