January 22, 2013

New stuff available now

2012 ball pythons pictures below list

male hypo pastel aka POG or pastel orange ghost 300 grams $400
female hypo or orange ghost spider 200 grams $500
male pastel yellow belly 66% possibly het orange ghost $400
female killer bee 200 grams HOT $600
male pinstripe 200 grams $150
male pinstripe yellow belly 200 grams HOT $400
male Ivory 400-500 grams GORGEOUS $550
male pinstripe 100 grams $100
male mojave spider 200 grams $650

other stuff

male and female 6 month old biak green tree pythons, caprtive bred, eating great, beautiful neon green and yellow $300ea

sub adult female jungle carpet python, about 4' eats great, super mellow and docile, jet black and neon yellow! $250

large adult female tangerine enigma leopard gecko $100

captive bred baby rose hair tarantulas $3ea

 pastel orange ghost
 yellow belly pastel pos het hypo
 orange ghost spider
 killer bee
yellow belly pinstripe