May 17, 2013

Available at the Kalamazoo Show this Saturday 5-18-13

I will have a great variety of stuff available at the show tomorrow:

baby ball pythons
baby savannah monitors
baby whites tree frogs
baby red eyed tree frogs
baby reticulated pythons
baby crested geckos
baby leopard geckos
baby giant day geckos
baby western hognose snakes
baby apricot pueblan milksnakes
baby trinket ratsnakes
baby white spotted geckos
baby rose hair tarantulas
baby Trinidad chevron tarantulas
baby jungle carpet pythons

big eyed tree frogs
a variety of African reed frogs
Mexican fire leg tarantulas
sub adult giant vorax geckos
green tree python
hypo hogg isle boa
Chinese king ratsnake
Madagascar velvet geckos
Madagascar plated lizards
reticulated gargoyle gecko
tokay geckos
white lined geckos
golden geckos
varied sizes of ball python morphs
tri colored burrowing scorpions
goliath bird eater
giant African tiger frogs
giant velvet geckos

and much more!