April 3, 2011

More great new stuff available now! Tons of pics!

tiny little baby savanah monitors $25ea baby timor monitors-make great pets only grow to 2-3' overall $90ea baby black and white tegus-awesome little guys $30ea spectacular baby surinam redtail boas $200ea clown tree frogs $20ea adult red eye tree frogs $25ea lime frogs-super neat frog! $40ea baby giant madagascar day geckos $50ea emperor scorpions $5ea cuban night anoles-big ones $20ea adult imported emerald tree boas-long term captives eating well $225ea adult male cb USA aru green tree python-awesome blue/green tame snake $300 baby columbian boas-super nice-eating great only $45ea 300 gram female spider ball python-only $300 right now with free shipping! lots of other great animals available as well! just starting to get eggs from my ball python collection. will have great babies hatching out all spring-summer.