October 21, 2012

Bugs available now

southern African straight horned baboons-wild caught-extremely hardy,
       have had a couple months now, have from tiny to large $35ea

southern African tri colored burrowing scorpion-same as above-$20ea

cb usa trinidad chevrons about 2"+ now $20ea

goliath bird eaters 5-6" long term captives $65ea

chilean tiger spiders $20ea

awesome baby emperor scorpions $5ea

haitian bird eaters ltc $25ea

vietnamese bird eaters dwarf sub speices-black-fast $25ea

cb usa chaco golden knees-the best pet spider! about 1-1 1/2" $25ea

giant hissing roaches-quantities available

dubia feeder roaches-quantities available

large rose hair tarantulas $8ea