October 23, 2012

Updated-most current Ball Python availability and pricing

This post makes all other posted availability and pricing obsolete. E

I am going to post these prices here on my site. These are really low prices. Payment plans are no problem on purchases of $400 or more for 30 days and 60 days on $1000 or more. Shipping is additional and is $35-60. Dont pass on these, these prices are nearly wholesale! no trades on these deals.

3 male lemon blasts 200+ grams $300ea
male pastels only $50ea
male spider $100
female pastel 250 grams $100!
male hypo pastel 250+ grams $250!
male spinner blast 200+ grams $750!
female spinner blast 80 grams $850!
female yellow belly bumble bee $750
male yellow belly bumble bee 300 grams $900!
female pewter bee het genetic stripe 146 grams $1750!
male cinnamon spider het genetic stripe 128 grams $800!
male cinnamon genetic stripe -less than100 grams $800!
male pewter genetic stripe-less than 100 grams $1750!
male or female killer bee yellow belly-less than 100 grams $1500!
2 female super pastel-less than100 grams $350ea!
female black pastel pos het hypo-less than100 grams $150!
male black pastel pos het hypo-less than100 grams $100ea!
female killer bee $600
female lemon blast-hatchling $350
female pastel butter-hatchling $500
female super pastel butter-hatchling $1000
butter pinstripe (kingpin) not out of egg yet $600
pastel butter pinstripe (emperor pin) just hatching $1200
super pastel butter pinstripe (super emperor pin) just hatching $5000
spinner blast yellow belly female $4000
super spinner blast yellow belly male $9000

Paypal payments should go to my primary email evansnakes@aol.com, I also accept US postal money orders and checks (held until cleared) they should go to
Evan Stahl
po box 431410
Pontiac, MI 48343.