October 29, 2012

New stuff in

baby cornsnakes, have all eaten frozen thawed pinkies multiple times. normals, albinos, snows, blood reds, motlies, stripes and butters. from $20-40ea

HUGE northern blue tongue skink $150

MASSIVE adult female hypo south florida kingsnake $100

nice yellow breeding pair of adult bearded dragons $200

baby burmese pythons, Michigan sales only, 1.1 granite double het albino and green and 1.1 albino granite het for green $150ea

October 23, 2012

Updated-most current Ball Python availability and pricing

This post makes all other posted availability and pricing obsolete. E

I am going to post these prices here on my site. These are really low prices. Payment plans are no problem on purchases of $400 or more for 30 days and 60 days on $1000 or more. Shipping is additional and is $35-60. Dont pass on these, these prices are nearly wholesale! no trades on these deals.

3 male lemon blasts 200+ grams $300ea
male pastels only $50ea
male spider $100
female pastel 250 grams $100!
male hypo pastel 250+ grams $250!
male spinner blast 200+ grams $750!
female spinner blast 80 grams $850!
female yellow belly bumble bee $750
male yellow belly bumble bee 300 grams $900!
female pewter bee het genetic stripe 146 grams $1750!
male cinnamon spider het genetic stripe 128 grams $800!
male cinnamon genetic stripe -less than100 grams $800!
male pewter genetic stripe-less than 100 grams $1750!
male or female killer bee yellow belly-less than 100 grams $1500!
2 female super pastel-less than100 grams $350ea!
female black pastel pos het hypo-less than100 grams $150!
male black pastel pos het hypo-less than100 grams $100ea!
female killer bee $600
female lemon blast-hatchling $350
female pastel butter-hatchling $500
female super pastel butter-hatchling $1000
butter pinstripe (kingpin) not out of egg yet $600
pastel butter pinstripe (emperor pin) just hatching $1200
super pastel butter pinstripe (super emperor pin) just hatching $5000
spinner blast yellow belly female $4000
super spinner blast yellow belly male $9000

Paypal payments should go to my primary email evansnakes@aol.com, I also accept US postal money orders and checks (held until cleared) they should go to
Evan Stahl
po box 431410
Pontiac, MI 48343.

October 22, 2012

Awesome twins! and more cool stuff hatching

here is a crazy different pair of twins and then we have an emperor pinstripe and super emperor pinstripe just hatched. E

October 21, 2012

Bugs available now

southern African straight horned baboons-wild caught-extremely hardy,
       have had a couple months now, have from tiny to large $35ea

southern African tri colored burrowing scorpion-same as above-$20ea

cb usa trinidad chevrons about 2"+ now $20ea

goliath bird eaters 5-6" long term captives $65ea

chilean tiger spiders $20ea

awesome baby emperor scorpions $5ea

haitian bird eaters ltc $25ea

vietnamese bird eaters dwarf sub speices-black-fast $25ea

cb usa chaco golden knees-the best pet spider! about 1-1 1/2" $25ea

giant hissing roaches-quantities available

dubia feeder roaches-quantities available

large rose hair tarantulas $8ea

More awesome baby Madagascar giant day geckos hatched this weekend!

available now, awesome baby grandis, aka giant day geckos. Gorgeous babies are $45ea.  E

October 20, 2012

More awesome Ball Pythons available now:

3 gorgeous male lemon blasts, about 200 grams, eating great, $300ea

5 male pastels from 75-150 grams, eating great and pretty $50ea!

October 11, 2012

More cool ball pythons hatching out now

just hatching tonight from pastel butter pinstripe x pastel:

lemon blast
super pastel butter
super pastel
and pastel butter

will post sexes and prices once they have all hatched out in the next day or two.This is a gorgeous clutch! E

October 4, 2012

Small Victories

This is a great clutch. I have had others like it but not really. This clutch was on day 30 when my incubator got knocked over and the eggs got thrown around inside their container. I was just heart broken and thought there was no way the eggs could survive.

To my surprise and delight this pic shows you what happened this morning.

when you work with animals you have to deal with alot of dissapointment and stress about a million little things. So when something amazingly cool like this happens it really makes your day. E