February 11, 2013

Available now

this is as of 2-11-13, all earlier posts and prices are obsolete

bronze or betsillio mantellas $20ea
brown argentine horned frog babies $20ea
baby albino corns $25ea eating great
yearling brazilian rainbow boa $125
sub adult female jungle carpet python 3 1/2' tame $250 exceptional
adult male normal cornsnake $35 great pet or breeder
yearling hypo colombian boa female $125 super clean
hypo hogg isle boa female 3' $200 gorgeous
big baby coastal carpet pythons $65ea
well started baby crested geckos $35ea
juvenile-sub adult crested geckos $50ea
adult crested gecko breeders $225 trio exceptional
adult breeder giant day geckos $200 trio exceptional
young male giant halmahera or vorax geckos $45ea
male motley nicaraguan boa het T+ albino $100
madagascar velvet geckos $30ea
madagascar plated lizards $20ea
golden geckos $10ea
marine toads mediums $15ea
baby blotched/goins kingsnakes $40ea eat great
mexican black kings $45ea eat great
adult male jungle carpet python dog tame $200
yearling male striped kenyan sand boa $75
central american wood turtles 4" gorgeous and active $40ea
adult male pink belly side neck turtles $75ea
sub adult black and gold tegus $40ea
large adult male b&w california kingsnake $45
gargoyle geckos-red spots, red stripes, retics, etc $50-125ea

picture of ornate south american wood turtle- only $40ea

Ball Pythons: male spider mojave 300 grams $400
female spinner blast 150-200 grams $800
male black pastel pinstripe 200 grams $350
male spider cinnamon het genetic stripe 500 grams $900
male yellow belly bumble bee 600 grams $900
male cinnamon genetic stripe 300 grams $600
female super pastel butter yellow belly 200 grams $4000
male pastel yellow belly pos het hypo 400 grams $350
male pastel orange ghost 300 grams $300
male pewter genetic stripe $1500
male pinstripe nice stripe 250 grams $125
3 normal females 800+ grams $75ea
male super emperor pinstripe $5000
female kingpin $600
female orange ghost spider 250 grams $500
killer bee yellow belly male $1500

adult rose hair tarantulas $8ea
pink toes $10
cb rose hair babies $2ea
cb trinidad chevrons 3/4" $10ea
cb salmon pink bird eaters 1" $10ea
starburst baboons $15ea
southern horned baboons $25ea
goliath bird eaters 4-5" $70ea
tri colored burrowing scorpions $15ea
cb usumbara baboons 1" $10ea