February 5, 2013

Upcoming Taylor Reptile Show Saturday 2-9-13

I have had a lot of requests so here is a preliminary-probably-partial list of what I will have available at the taylor show this saturday. nobody has a larger variety at the show than I do. Stop by and say hi, I am in the front of the show accross from the crickets. E

plated lizards
velvet geckos
leopard geckos
mexican black kings
blotched kingsnakes
mosaic florida kings
chinese king ratsnakes
hypo colombian boa female
hypo hogg isle boa female
motley nicaraguan boa male
jungle carpet female
baby coastal carpet pythons
marine toads
crested geckos
gargoyle geckos

a wide variety of ball pythons: pinstripe, pinstripe yb, killer bee, bumble bee yb, black pastel pinstipe, pastel orange ghost, cinnamon genetic stripe, spinner blast, orange ghost spider, mojave spider, lemon blast, pastel yb pos het ghost, normals and more

corn snakes
giant day geckos
lined day geckos
fish scaled geckos
giant halmahara geckos
southern horned baboon spiders
usumbara baboons
starburst baboons
rose hair tarantulas
pink toes
salmon pink bird eaters
red slate ornamentals
ghost ornamentals
Ivory ornamentals
chaco golden knees
goliath bird eaters
tri color burrowing scorpions
adult bearded dragons
rhino iguana
hermanns tortoise
brazilian rainbow boa
sulcatta tortoise

African shipment that may or may not be in time for show: update-will NOT be in before the show.

savanna monitors
fire skinks
big eyed frogs
reed frogs
bull frogs
cave spiders
ball pythons

also may have a couple varieties of central and south american wood turtles, gorgeous colors, care is like that of a box turtle
giant adult red foot tortoises, betsillio mantellas, juvenile black and gold tegus and possibly much more. E