April 9, 2013

Animals that I will have available at the Taylor Reptile Show this Saturday April 13th


a dozen kinds of african reed frogs

green, brown and blue argentine horned frogs aka pac man frogs

albino bullfrogs

african tiger frogs aka crowned bullfrogs

big eyed tree frogs

cuban tree frogs

marine toads

baby whites tree frogs


leopard geckos

crested geckos

giant day geckos babies and breeders

vorax geckos

white lined


madagascar velvet


white spotted


2 kinds of plated lizards

senegal chameleons

sahel chameleons

black and gold tegus

baby savanah monitors

cuban knight anoles

Colubrid snakes:

red tailed green ratsnakes

taiwan beauties

chinese king rats

albino chinese king rats

japanese ratsnakes

everglades ratsnakes

mosaic florida kings

thayeri or variable kingsnakes


ball pythons

killer bee ball

hypo lemon blast ball

super lemon blast ball

killer bee yellow belly ball

green tree python

coastal carpet python

jungle carpet python

Pet bugs:

rose hair tarantulas

trinidad chevrons

orange starburst baboons

goliath birdeaters

southern horned baboons

tri colored burrowing scorpions


tailless whip scorpions

giant tailless whip scorpions

Updated-more Stuff I will have at the show:

baby java reticulated pythons

baby black blood pythons

rare ceram amethistine python

savu python

adult female hypo/ghost ball python

and possibly more