April 17, 2013

Available now 4-17-13

1.1 baby black blood pythons $150ea
2.0 baby java reticulated pythons $90ea
1.0 adult male breeder spinner blast ball python $1000
1.0 adult male breeder emperor pinstripe ball python $2000
0.1 400 gram super lemon blast female $900
1.0 sub adult male savu python-black $125
1.0 small ceram amethistine python-yellow $300
1.0 green tree python-cb 6 month old biak $300
1.0 huge tame adult jungle carpet python $200
3 thayeri-variable kingsnakes-orange-red and yellow-blue and red $50-75ea
1.1 mosaic florida kingsnakes 2012 babies, nice $100pair

1.2 adult breeding trio of gorgeous giant day geckos $200 trio
tokay, golden and white lined geckos $12ea
madagascar velvet geckos $25ea
giant madagascar velvet geckos $50ea
giant vorax geckos $45ea
baby giant day geckos-high red $45ea
baby white spot geckos $10ea
baby crested geckos $35ea
baby leopard geckos $20-50ea
madagascar plated lizards $20ea
sahel chameleons $45ea
small cuban night anoles $20ea
male fat tail gecko $30
baby savanah monitors $20ea

Frogs and toads:
green and brown pac man $20ea
blue pac man $35ea
baby cuban tree frogs $4ea
baby white tree frogs $12ea
giant african tiger bullfrogs $50ea
african reed frogs $5-20ea
big eye frogs $10ea
marine toads $10-15ea

I may also be selling a ball python collection for a customer very soon. If it works out this is what I will have available:

adult male breeder mojave
adult male breeder pastel
adult male fire het ghost
juvenile male mojave
juvenile female mojave
juvenile female vanilla
adult female normal
sub adult female pastel het hypo

let me know if you have any interest in any of these. thanks,  E