September 15, 2013

new stuff available now and updated ball python list

Lots of great 2013 baby ball pythons for sale at great prices:
male spinner blast $600
female spinner blast $700
male pastel butter $250
female pastel butter $300...
male champagne $400
female super spinner blast $1500
male lemon blasts $200ea
male pinstripe $100ea
female pinstripe $125ea
male pastel $35ea
female pastel $65ea
super pastel male $200
super pastel female $250
butter pinstripe male $350
pastel butter pinstripe male $700
pastel butter pinstripe female $800
super pastel butter pinstripe female $2500
female super pastel butter $800
also available:
2.1 baby albino hypo Burmese pythons het for granite $400 each single male or pair, no single female
baby sucata tortoises $65ea
Reeves' turtles $30ea
3'+ Irian Jaya Jungle carpet python female $100
3' Jayapura green tree python-eating well, excellent color, male $250