September 19, 2013

Updated Avaialble list for all animals

Here is a new list of what is currently available for sale:
Evan Stahl Reptiles    248 977 5175

in this Friday or Saturday:
6-9" goliath bird eaters males $55ea females $75ea
giant pixie frogs small $35, med $50, large $75
ornate south American wood turtles $40ea or 3 for $100 super healthy and active
rose hair tarantulas-sub adult to adult $8ea
pink toe tarantulas-sub adult to adult $10ea
flat rock scorpions $12ea

In Now:
baby red ear sliders $5ea, 100 or more Inquire
baby painted turtles $9ea southerns
baby mississippi map turtles $8ea
baby white spot geckos $9ea
baby striped pictus geckos $25ea
baby leopard geckos $20ea
baby hypo leopard geckos $25ea
baby snow, albino snow, hypo carrot tail, patternless snow and many more leopard geckos $25-50ea
baby Colombian boas captive bred in the USA $50ea
nice big hypo boa juveniles $100ea
baby Brazilian rainbow boas $125ea gorgeous
baby snow florida kingsnakes $45ea
baby African house snakes $25ea
baby mole kingsnakes $50ea
1/2" green bottle blues $35ea
1/2" orange starburst baboons $5ea
1/2" salmon pink bird eaters $6ea
1"+ salmon pink bird eaters $12ea
white spotted assassin bugs $10ea
baby Chinese king ratsnakes $100ea
baby sulcata tortoises $65ea
baby reeves turtles $30ea
well started baby jungle carpet pythons $85ea nice!
1/4" pumpkin patch tarantulas $20ea awesome adult color
juvenile male jayapura green tree python 2-3' bright green and yellow and tame $250
well started baby apricot pueblan milks gorgeous bright orange! $45ea
well started baby oreo pueblan milks awesome b&w $75ea
well started baby striped blotched kingsnakes $85ea HOT color!
a bunch of high end sub adult to adult leopard geckos $50-500ea inquire
Arizona alligator lizard $30
small desert hairy scorpions $12ea
large desert hairy scorpions $15ea
stripe tail scorpions $8ea
tri colored burrowing scorpions $15ea
giant Madagascar velvet geckos-HUGE $50ea
golden geckos long term captives super nice $15ea
Madagascar plated lizards long term captives $15ea
Madagascar velvet geckos $20ea
large super tame adult male jungle carpet python $150

Baby Ball Pythons: all bred here:
normal $20ea
pastel butter female $300ea very pretty
butter pinstripe male $350ea
butter pastel pinstripe male or female $800ea
super pastel pinstripe butter male $2000
super spinner blast female $1500
Mojave spider yellow belly $700
Mojave spider pastel yellow belly $2000
super lemon blasts $600ea
super lemon blast yellow belly $3000
600 gram female killer bee yellow belly $1500
500 gram male super spinner blast yellow belly $5000
adult male breeder pastel orange ghost $400