March 3, 2012

Potential offspring for 2012

Well its that magic time of year again when I get the crystal ball out and dust it off and ask it what I might produce this year in awesome ball pythons. Sometimes I breed things in a way that makes it really tough to predict what you could get, but I can give you guys a partial list/idea of what I may have hatching this year.

single genes: pastel, pinstripe, butter, spider, pied, orange ghost, yellow belly, black pastel

supers: super pastel, ivory

double visual genes: lemon blast, bumble bee, pastel butter, spinner, spider yellow belly, pastel yellow belly, orange ghost pastel, black pastel ghost, pastel pied, pinstripe pied, butter pinstripe, butter spider, butter yellow belly,

triple visual genes: lemon blast pied, lemon blast yb, bumble bee yb, spinner yb, butter spinner, butter bumble bee, spinner blast, pastel butter pinstripe, killer bee, super lemon blast, ivory pastel

and beyond.... super lemon blast butter, super lemon blast yb, super spinner blast, super spinner blast yb, super spinner blast butter, ivory super pastel, ivory bumble bee, ivory spinner blast, killer bee yb, killer bee butter, killer bee butter yb, ivory super spinner blast and what else???