March 2, 2012

What else is available besides Ball Pythons???

available right now:

amazon tree boas, juveniles and adults, colored and garden phase

baby giant pixie frogs

baby green pac man frogs

gorgeous adult mali uromastyx, male and female

bright red and orange baby crested geckos

termite frogs

halloween crabs

lined jungle runners

gorgeous adult leopard gecko morphs

haitian and jeweled curly tail lizards

adult male albino cornsnake x honduran milksnake

adult male honduran milk x mexican kingsnake

adult red eye tree frogs

baby water dragons

awesome adult brown basilisks

sub adult colombian rainbow boas

sub adult snow boa

sub adult coral snow boa

super hypo hogg isle boas

gorgeous jungle carpet pythons

tokay, golden and marbled geckos

huge adult pair of dunerils boas

adult pair of sonoran boas

adult emerald tree boa

yearling pair of argentine boas

yearling yellow belly sliders

baby red ear sliders

pictus geckos

clown tree frogs

giant vietnamese centipedes

apricot pueblan milksnakes

haitian bird eating spiders

cobalt blue tarantulas

goliath bird eating spiders

green bottle blues

ornate ornamental spiders

chilean tiger spiders

pink toe tarantulas

rose hairs

salmon pink bir eaters

emperor scorpions

mexican fire legs

trinidad chevrons

venezuelan sun tigers

striated ornamentals

chaco golden knees and more!